Meet Your Face of the Race Contestants

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Little legs, full heart, can't lose. Remington (Remi) is a Hurricane Harvey rescue who defied all odds and keeps smiling, adventuring, and loving. He is the best doggie son, big brother to his little sister Fern and his two cat sisters, and friend to any pup he meets.

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Lou is new to the family; he's our second SNIPSA adoption; his big brother Bruce, our 12 year old husky lab, asked us to submit Lou's picture for consideration.

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Its Rho's world and we are all just living it. A few quirks about our best rescue boy. He only plays with toys in the shape of hedgehogs. He puts himself to bed at 7:30pm regardless if the humans are there or not. He bites at dust particles he sees in the air & barks at airplanes in the sky. There is a famous meme of him rolling his eyes. He has to be in the same room as his humans but shoves away cuddles. He is the best big brother to Ohmie (also a SNIPSA pup!) Rho brings joy & sarcastic eye rolls to everyone he meets. He's the best example of the happiness a rescue dog can bring into one's life.

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Bernie is a 1 and a half year old Husky Mix. He came into our lives in July of last year when I spotted him out my front window when we were living in the Woodlawn area. He was soaking wet, covered in dirt, and not in the best health. He looked so scared, but was so sweet and happy when I called him over. I knew I needed to rescue him. After a fruitless search of finding an owner, we adopted Bernie. Bernie is spunky and opinionated and is always down to cuddle. He loves his doggie sister Alice, and has brought so much love and laughter into our home.

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Maximus (he prefers his friends to call him Maxx) loves all animals, kiddos, and humans alike! He's quite a handsome boy--even the Terrell Hills Police stopped by one day to say that he looked "majestic" while laying in his front yard watching the world go by. He turns a lot of heads and would love nothing more than to put that attention to good use by raising funds for SNIPA by being the next Face for the Race! Woof!!

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Captain Jack

Jack is the reason we know rescues to be so resilient and remarkable. When we rescued Jack in 2013, he had every injury and ailment a dog could have--but his precious heart held no scars. Today, he is a little old boy with the joy of a puppy and was even featured (riding in his wagon) during last year's Race for the Rescues! The caption on his photo read, "Our inspiration for the day." I think that is Face of the Race worthy, don't you?!

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Winnie was the runt of the litter in size only. Her beautiful brown eyes overflow with emotion and reflect the love she has for all her friends.

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I met my humans on a hot summer day in June of 2020. The tall one threw a ball to get to know me (and omg, I really hate playing ball), but I immediately liked his spunk and his sidekick's loving nature. With my adoption, I brought a healthy balance of comfort and humor to their lives. I support Snipsa's mission to rescue dogs and cats, and I hope you will too!

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She's a doll that we found running down the road off Culebra/I10. No collar, no chip, etc. She has SO much husky personality & we just started an Instagram page for her so that our boys can document her training so she already has a social media account! We're starting her Tik-Tok soon :)

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Shortly after Annie was rescued by SNIPSA four years ago, I met her and immediately knew she was the dog for me. When I brought her home, she was very skinny and still recovering from having puppies. Despite her rough start, she is afraid of nothing (except vacuums and feet) and has always been friendly and affectionate to everyone she meets. She walks into every room like she owns the place and is surprised on the rare occasion that a human declines to pet her. Annie has even made friends with several humans who are not “dog people.” She is the best companion I could ask for—she loves swimming, walking, hiking, eating, and lying on the couch. Annie and I are so grateful to SNIPSA for rescuing her and love to support SNIPSA whenever we can.

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Gus & Macie

We adopted Gus from SNIPSA 6 years ago. At the time he was named "Chompers." Look at that smile and you can see why!! Macie was rescued from another organization the same year. We got her because she looked like a smaller version of Gus - without the lopsided smile!!

Gus & Macie
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My name is Razzles LaFoe - Norris, I was a found with my sister and Mom on side of road, I was rescued and went into foster puppy care with SNIPSA 3 years ago. My Moms were out there looking for a new best friend and companion, and they found me and adopted me. These last few years have been so much fun, I go everywhere my Moms go. I love to play fetch, well we call it Football becasue I don't always bring the ball back. If I had a choice I would rather have a stick, any stick, a twig to a tree branch I want it. I go to the park, and hike almost everyday, and when I am not there, I am vistig my cousins, and play in their yard! I am so happy I was adopted by my Moms, they sure are giving my an adventure everyday! I cant wait to see what we do next!

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Bacon was adopted through SNIPSA in September 2019. She was part of the "nut bunch" and originally titled "Macadamia". We immediately knew she was special as she "adapted her play" to be best friends with both 40lb Terrier-mixes and 150-200lb Great Danes. She and Christine are now a certified Therapy Animal team with Therapy Animals of San Antonio and regularly visit Texsan and Methodist Children's Hospital. Bacon even has her own trading card that the kids (and staff) absolutely love! Bacon also loves playing in water, be it a pool or hose, and chasing squirrels out of her backyard.

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Luna Bear

We adopted Luna Bear from SNIPSA in April of 2022. She was rescued by SNIPSA with a fractured leg and had it surgically repaired. Luna is the sweetest most affectionate gentle giant in the whole world. We LOVE her SO much. Luna is the face of what a difference dog rescue can make 💖

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Isaac, a Golden Retriever mix, had been to Animal Care Services twice in his life—first, as a three-year old unwanted pup with heartworm. Now, in 2022, at age eleven, his adoptive family was leaving him at ACS for reasons known only to them. I happened to spot him as the first pup on the ACS website and emailed an inquiry. I received a speedy reply that he was about to be euthanized and if I was serious I needed to get over there or he would be gone. A couple of hours later, my husband and I met him. He was a lively dog with energy belied his eleven years. And he was a favorite of the kennel tech who shared his name. We filled in paperwork and the next day Isaac came home with us. He’s a sweetheart and more—he's what rescue is all about.

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We got Chance from SNIPSA almost 3 years ago. According to my son he is "the doggest doggo." We are so happy he came into our lives, and he is the best boy. He is playful, and loving, and super cuddly. He's smart and loves his cookies. We couldn't be happier with our SNIPSA rescue.

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Rufus is a rambunctious, Cookie Monster eyed friend of everyone. He is very social loves to play and has a curious personality. When he's not relaxing on his bed at home he is going 100 mph in the dog park. Never afraid of any dog this Joe Pesci pup loves to be the center of attention in any dog/people crowd.

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My happy time is Halloween-time. And should it be any surprise that my life was saved in the month of October in 2014? There I was at a fundraiser for doggies, when I saw him. Others may have dismissed the little mangy, mostly hairless, flea-ridden beggar as someone else’s problem, but I knew right away he was to be my problem. A week later, I adopted him. I nursed him back to health, and ever since, he’s been my knight in shining armor, my prince, my soulmate. What he lacks in stature, he more than compensates in grace, dignity, and compassion. In some of my darkest moments, he did for me what I did for him. He nursed me back to health. He restored my self-esteem. He showed me the love I had shown him. He is possessed of supermodel looks, and he absolutely knows it. And as a testament to who he is, he doesn’t let his striking beauty go to his head. He’s my buddy. He’s my caretaker. He’s my Goblin. He is perfect.

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Piper Rae

What I thought would be just another day volunteering at the SNIPSA office..... turned into what I thought would just be a weekend foster.... ultimately turned into foster failure & Piper Rae finding her forever home with us! She is the sweetest girl with the biggest personality. She loves playing with her big brother, swimming with Nini & Papa and snuggling with her people! She has brought so much joy into our home and we are so lucky to have found our Piper Rae! Like they say failure isn't always a bad thing (:

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Lil Honey

Lil Honey was found roaming the streets of San Antonio. She was covered in burrs, a little skittish, not spayed and scared. Since rescuing her in 2017 she has brought nothing but love and light into our lives and even graduated from training with honors! She is so loved and even though she can be a little sassy at times, the world deserves more Lil Honeys and we know that she saved us just as much as we saved her.

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Milo was a SNIPSA find at the beginning of quarantine. Legend has it Milo and his siblings were rescued from a dumpster. Milo has gone from such humble beginnings to the life of luxury. He is the house favorite pet, but don't let his canine siblings know!

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Dustin should be the face because he is a SNIPSA pup and is VERY photogenic! He was adopted after we lost our 14 year old SNIPSA dog, Teddy and we had a giant hole in our hearts. We know Dustin has huge paws to fill and has an exciting future training ponies and riders with his new family!

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Flower is everything you could want in a rescue pup. She is so great with kids, gentle, snuggly, and also super athletic. Our son wanted a dog to play fetch with him, and we got more than we bargained for! Not only does she fetch her toys (all day), she chases and catches all of his baseballs he hits on our backyard. Flower is the perfect teammate for our 5 yr old baseball fanatic!

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We adopted Stan from SNIPSA in 2019 and he is just the best. He is sweet, loving, SMART, protective (we did have to do positive focused training for reactive behavior with Stephanie from Pup Pup and Away to help him learn how to change behavior and process his feelings), would have made an amazing support dog, loves to cuddle and adventure. Speaking of adventure, for part of the year when it is cool enough, he is my running buddy. He goes with me for all of my training runs when it's cool enough for him. Short easy runs, hill repeats, speed work and long slow weekend runs up to 2 hours. He loves trail running and is so smart that he has learned to ask for water and drinks directly out of my hydration pack hose. Stan should have the chance to be crowned SNIPSA's Face of the Race because he demonstrates that with love, training and communication work he has been able to shine as a member of our family and he absolutely loves to go on runs.

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We adopted Mocha back in 2020 from a local animal shelter in San Antonio. We weren't able to find out much about her history, but we did learn that she had been through several homes before arriving at our home. Since then, Mocha has grown in tremendous ways and has overcome obstacles to get to where she is today. We try to do as much as possible to expose Mocha to new adventures! One of her favorite activities is actually running, so we began including her in 5k races this year. Last year we were also able to give back to the shelter that we found Mocha at by raising money through a charity livestream. We believe Mocha would be a great fit for SNIPSA's Face of the Race because she is a prime example that all pets deserve a second chance. We believe it's important to advocate for all pets, and we would love to support SNIPSA through this fundraiser!

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Why should Opal be the Face of the Race?? Are you kidding?! Her smiling face is like a second sun. And she has a sunny disposition to match. Opal loves everyone (unless you are a squirrel), can sing opera in 3 languages (unless she's in the shower - hard on the vocal cords), and has the moves like Jagger (unless its Tuesday).

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Rudy (originally Spruce) was a rescue pup that I adopted from SNIPsa in 2020. Spending so much time alone during Covid had me really needing a companion. When Rudy came into my life, everything felt right. He is my right hand man. His personality is hilarious. He makes everyone he meets smile. He snores like an old man. He's the picture of what it means to go from alone to together- his silly self on full display in the safety of HOME. All dogs deserve that and I hope Rudy can inspire others to adopt!

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Lando is a rescue and a very good happy boy. Handsome to a fault, but he doesn't even know it. He's never met a face he didn't want to lick, or a hand he didn't want to shake. He's not a fan of fireworks, due to PTSD from the before times when he had to live on the streets. He doesn't talk about it much now, he prefers to focus on the now times, and living with his mom and dad, and his 4 other dog brothers and sister (all rescues too!). He was neutered through SNIPSA, and his mom does her annual birthday fundraiser for SNIPSA, always using his sweet face as the gotcha!

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Peanut is a 100 pound Black Mouth Cur that has changed our lives! We found her under a wheel barrel when visiting my mom and dad in Arizona and we immediately fell in love. She is a big teddy bear - and fraidy cat! She is the only dog on the planet that runs to the back door when the Amazon Delivery guy/gal shows up! She is very spoiled, but we love spoiling her! She was spayed at SNIPSA and she has appreciated a couple 5ks one was a race for the rescues! She (we) would be honored to be considered to be the face of the race!

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Leo came into our lives when our family was struggling with the loss of my husband, my daughter's stepdad. Somehow, Leo knew what we needed. He knew that we needed comfort in our darkest moments. He knew we needed his gentle and kind soul to help us during our grief and that's exactly what he did, and what he's continuing to do even now. Leo was only 4 months old, sick, underweight, and was in the pound on the euthanized list before animal defense league took him in. He was adopted by us soon after. Leo is 100% mutt. He has American bully, German Shepard, husky, malamute, malinois, Dutch Shepard, and lab in him, making him the most unique and special dog I've ever seen. Everyone who's met him knows how energetic, silly, and kind he is towards everyone he encounters. He wants to play with everyone he meets, however, since he's big, most strangers think he's an aggressive dog, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I have never met a dog kinder than him. I've never met a dog who is so gentle and smart. All these reasons are why I think Leo should be SNIPSA's Face of the Race. He has helped us in ways I never could've imagined a dog could, and this is just another thing I know he'd be good at helping with because his story is all too similar to hundreds of rescue dogs.

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I adopted Tyson from SNIPSA during the pandemic. He was 10 weeks old & terrified. He will be 2 in August & has become the best emotional support pet without any training. He just knows! I think he rescued me! He loves every one he meets & is the happiest pup!

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I came to a SNIPSA adoption event looking for a pup that was listed on Instagram and thinking that I might be able to foster him. He had been adopted but his sister was there and my granddaughters who were with me fell in love with her (and so did I). I brought her home and she is the perfect pet...loves people, kids, dogs, cats, everyone!!! My entire family tries to steal her!!!!

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I lived in San Antonio for a decade and volunteered and participated in the SNIPSA 5K for years, but it never seemed like the right time to take home a puppy of my own. After moving to Austin in Q4 of 2021, I realized I was finally ready for my own K9 companion. I saw (formerly known as May Parker)'s photo on the SNIPSA website and knew I had to meet her. I adopted my sweet baby Hazel from SNIPSA in January 2022. Hard to believe she had mange when she was first rescued, because this girl sheds like crazy now! Hazel’s a Great Pyrenees/Rottweiler mix and she’s truly the light of my life.

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Cersei & Draco

my kitties were rescued from SNIPSA and are real life brother and sister! they were from the litter of 12, and we adopted draco in November 2021 Cersei in January 2022. When we saw that Draco's sister was never adopted, we knew we had to meet her. Within seconds i knew that she made our family complete. they love each other so much and always sleep like this. they look like a little yin and yang symbol. they are different in every way, but are still best friends!

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He is a basset hound and everyone loves these breeds but they don't have the patience to own one. People love puppies but don't understand what it takes to raise a furry family member.

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I had watched Barbie on the SNIPSA site for awhile and had went to one of the fosters to meet a few others I was interested in. Neither of the ones I saw was a match for us so we decided we needed to go to the next adoption event where I could see the puppies/dogs in person. There were a number of the puppies there that I was also interested in, but as soon as I saw Barbie, I knew she was the one. Barbie was quite "mouthy" when we initially met her and was the last one of her litter to be adopted (with the exception of her brother who was in recovery). She "screamed as if being tortured" each time the SNIPSA staff would reach in the kennel for her. She screamed as they handed her to me, and screamed when I handed her to my husband. My 20 month old granddaughter was with us and the 2 of them bonded immediately. Barbie no longer screams and has become such a great puppy. She is currently in puppy classes although she may fail because she can't seem to keep her tongue in her mouth when we try to teach her "touch". LOL But we will love her anyway!!

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