Meet Your Face of the Race Contestants

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Betty was rescue from God's Dogs. The whole world is her playground. Pouncing on her brother Jack Russell and her sister Chihuahua. She enjoys a merry chase around the house. The backyard is her kingdom, where she climbs the live oaks and dreams of catching the squirrels . She is smart and loves her humans, and knows she's cute! Chester arrived at SNIPSA in 2022 horribly ill, where the wonderful medical team saved his life. He is now a wonderful cannonball of love and fun. He spends the day wrestling with his sister chihuahuas, protects the yard from the laughing birds on the fence, and greets all visitors with a bark and a smile.With his brown eyes, he will look deeply into your soul, know how your day was, leep into your lap with a dog kiss.

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Chester arrived at SNIPSA in 2022 horribly ill, where the wonderful medical team saved his life. He is now a wonderful cannonball of love and fun. He spends the day wrestling with his sister chihuahuas, protects the yard from the laughing birds on the fence, and greets all visitors with a bark and a smile.With his brown eyes, he will look deeply into your soul, know how your day was, leep into your lap with a dog kiss.

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Titan is mild mannered, he's confident and well behaved. He loves people and to be loved on. He has a heart of hold and I'm often told he should have his own pages on social media. Not only that, he's handsome and his face should be everywhere.

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Cuqa was rescused from Humane Society, she is a never ending ball of energy and smiles, she loves hard and plays even harder. She even gives the best hugs. She loves to wrestle, play tug of war and has an endless amount of tennis balls.

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If it’s true what they say about “Survival of the Friendliest”? Then that’s our Olive! Olive steals your heart with her goofy antics and over the top friendly, fun loving, tv watching, water bowl splashing, smarty pants personality. She loves every person she meets and every dog and cat too. She just loves life! She’s as cool as they come when walking past another dog on the street. She seems to calm any overly excited, anxious dog with her relaxed, everything’s gonna be ok smile and body language. Olive is a 2X rescue. That makes her double lucky. She knows what it means to be rescued and is soooo thankful for rescue groups like SNIPSA that step up every day for dogs like her. Your vote and your donation will help Olive WIN and more importantly you’ll help SNIPSA continue to do the work they do in the rescue community and save more dogs like Olive! Ultimately, it’s the adopters that win because if you’ve ever been loved by a rescue dog, you know it’s hard to tell who rescued who. Click the donation tab for Olive. We’re so thankful!

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Winnie should be the face of the race because she is the tallest dachshund around! She loves to play fetch and roll around in lawn clippings after a long day of being a professional lap dog. Her ability to nap in the most uncomfortable twisted positions is unparalleled. Snakes sing praises of her flexibility and sloths whisper in hushed tones about her ability to remain perfectly still. She is full of personality with eyes that speak her mind. A true lover of ear rubs and hater of bath time. Winnie puts a smile on the face of everyone she sees always hoping to make new friends.

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Chloe has been my partner in crime for seven years and I have SNIPSA to thank for helping me find her. In 2016, her sweet face popped up on the SNIPSA IG page and I fell in love. Her and her brother, along with many other puppies had been dumped and were luckily saved by SNIPSA team members. She was fostered by an infamous foster dad, Ben Yanto, and by the time I actually got to meet her, I knew we'd be in each others lives as long as time grants us. I think she deserves to the be the Face of the Race because she not only came from SNIPSA through the help of the amazing organization, volunteers and fosters, but she shows me every day how much love she has to give. If everyone adopted or supported rescues, everyone would get to feel the love I feel every single day. We shouldn't deny these sweet babies the opportunity to love and be loved.

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Hi! My name is Sly and I’m a real ladies man although I love hanging with my bros too. SNIPSA helped hook me up with my furever family and they’ve been taking real good care of me. My mange is healing up and I just tested heartworm negative. I have been eating lots of treats so I got that real big caboose to balance out my tiny little adorable head. Pick me to be the face of the race and I’ll give you lots of sweet kisses.

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Noel (Hansel)

With Hansel's special backstory and how he has been bringing joy to the world, I think he would be a perfect ambassadog(r) for this year's face of the race. He already has been volunteering over 40 hrs by working with military service members and also ended up being the reason why a veteran finally decided to adopt his own puppy (of course from SNIPSA). I know this is just a beginning for a sweet and wild Noel, formerly known as Hansel, to continue being the light for anyone who is lucky enough to meet him! I know he saved my life to start. Honestly, I don't want to use this cliche phrase but I really didn't choose him but he chose me and boy was I blessed.

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Effy is a fun loving husky who was rescued by the one and only SNIPSA! She found her forever home thanks to them and is eager to share her success story! She has many hobbies including playing with her friends out on canyon lake (and she loves boating!), watching dog tv, and cuddling up on the couch with a bone to chew. :) She is excited to be a part of this years face of the race!

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Cappy was adopted from SNIPSA in 2019 and is a goofball! She loves people and other dogs and is always the center of attention. She would love to be the face and help bring attention to SNIPA's great cause and get more pups into loving homes!

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Hershey and her sibling were dumped in a volunteer's arms. They were sick, but we didn't know the extent of how sick. Unfortunately, her sibling did not make it, but Hershey is flourishing in her new home and I am lucky to call her my grandpuppy. She's super sweet, friendly-loves everyone and also very smart. I think she should be the face of the race because first of all, who couldn't love that face? And secondly because she epitomizes what SNIPSA is all about. She was rescued from the streets of SA and adopted into a living home. This is why we race!

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Remy is an absolute joy. He is funny, sweet, wild, and adventurous. Most of all, he's healed our hearts and made our family complete. We want to pay it forward and help other animals find their forever homes. Plus he's soooooo handsome!!

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Hi Friends!! My name is Josie! Imagine my excitement when my mom said she’s entering me in this race! I’m a VERY fast runner- I hope I can make all rescue pets proud! I was adopted in October 2022 after my parents lost their first fur baby. They called me a blessing in disguise and are adamant that I was sent to take care of them. And I do that pretty well! I LOVE giving kisses to my parents and everyone that I meet, and I never turn down a cuddle session. I enjoy basking in the sun, chasing after my favorite squeaky ball and running SUPER fast all around the house. My favorite place for a walk is the Pearl because of all the cute ducks and birds. Sometimes I get to have a pup cup after a nice long walk! I’m just a happy girl who loves her family very much. I’m so lucky to be able to live my best life and I very much hope that I can help SNIPSA give other pups and kitties that opportunity. My mom says SNIPSA has given her so much in life and we just want to do what we can to say THANK YOU!

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Speculoos "Spec"

We adopted Spec from SNIPSA in February of 2022. He has been the best addition to our family. He is my little boy's best friend and the other half of his super hero team, The Adventure Team. He loves cuddles and is a 45 lb. lap dog. He loves hiking and running and being outside. In short, he fits in our family perfectly and we are so glad he's ours.

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Hi, my name is Luci, but most people call me Lucy. I just let it slide. My hooman mama is Linda, and I adore her. She could call me poopy butt and I wouldn’t care. She built a fence to keep me safe, gives me cuddles day and night, and puts my fud and water in actual bowls! Can you imagine? She takes me everywhere … on my leash, in the car, and even on a plane one time. Everywhere we go she shares the story of how SNIPSA rescued me, and how I found my way to her house. I never get tired of hearing it. Okay, okay, since you asked, I was rescued on January 6th, 2021. Lots of people were tense, and I figured someone really special needed me to keep them calm. Dog ‘o dog, did I luck out!! My godmother,Jannie, swooped me up from SNIPSA and transported me to my mama, my one and only. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. 🥰 People seem to like me, I gotta say. One man said my tail is resplendent. I love to wag my tail and I practice a lot. I could never be the “legs of the race” as I’m quite short, but I think my face is pretty good, rather elegant, perhaps even regal. If there were such a thing as the “tail of the race”, it would be unfair to all the other worthy pups. Sometimes I wish my ears were more cooperative, but they do the job. I especially like that they can hear my mama’s sweet voice from a mile away. Vote for me, and I’ll make SNIPSA proud 🐶

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Yeller came to us from SNIPSA in 2021. his mom was a yellow lab, but we didn't know his other lineage. Turns out he's got a little bit of mastiff. His human sister is Sarah Israel Gaines, who is also involved in SNIPSA. Yeller has completed every race since his birth year and he intends to keep it going. He is a loving, curious pup and an excellent example of what a rescue can become.

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Honey is a silly, outgoing pup who loves to be outside and join me on my daily run. She loves people, making new dog friends and of course, enjoys posing for photos. I adopted her a little over a year ago and has changed my life for the better. Everyone should get to see the little face that saved me.

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Bones represents what all rescuers strive for a happy healthy pup whose life is now better because they found their forever home. I was driving a leg for Happy Paws from Junction to Ozona Texas. When I arrived to the transfer sending a schnauzer to a rescue in Utah. A man walked up to me stated he was from Canada and wasn’t sure what to do but someone dropped a puppy off with a bag of food. He said he is friendly but barked all night scared. I said where is the baby? Someone had locked him in the men’s room I guess to protect him from cars and the interstate. When I saw him I knew what I had to do. He was horribly underweight and obvious damage to his left leg. The man loaded him up and my life with Bones began. He was exhausted from his night and just collapsed so tired and hopefully feeling safe for the first time in his life .When I got home, I opened the door and said to my husband I kinda did this thing and out jumped Bones. I named him Bones because my baby was skin & bones. Taking him to the Vet on Monday he weighed 28lbs instead of the 40 he should have. You could tell he had been abused but he still loved. He stayed close to me and I just loved him. Being starved he was not food aggressive. Bones became a lap puppy. He loved playing with his brothers & sisters. His leg bothered him at times but we had to wait until he was stronger to neuter and X-ray his leg. When he finally weighed enough his leg was xrayed and determined there was nothing that could be done. It was actually his knee cap that had been twisted or pulled then healed incorrectly. Unless it started to bother him, it was best to just give him supplements. Bones leg never has slowed him down. He loves pulling stuffing out of toys, playing tug of war, and water. He will swim in our pool, pond, and water troughs all his personal happy place. His DNA revealed 35% Labrador, 23% American Pit Bull Terrier. 19% Siberian Husky 14% American Staffordshire Terrier were his top breeds but having 8 total. He brings so much laughter & love into our home. I am beyond blessed that I found my fur angel that day in December. He totally represents what Snipsa and rescues are all about. I have included a picture of the day I found him. When he first got in my car I am pleased to be able to introduce you to Willie Bones Armes. If you know any Willie Nelson songs it’s because of his amazing blue eyes.

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As a beloved rescue herself, Tilly brings happiness and joy to everyone she encounters. She is sweet as sugar. We want all of our four legged friends in San Antonio to live happy, safe, and healthy lives!! Thank you SNIPSA for all you do!

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Dolly Barkon

Dolly Barkon is a rescue. After losing our lab of 15 years we were asked to rescue another who had been dumped. Although we were still heartbroken from losing our girl, we couldn't say no. So we drove to the Dallas area to pick her up from the farm she's been left at. She makes our family smile every day and shows us that she appreciates being part of our family. We get to see the world through her eyes where everything is new and everyone is a potential friend. The world is a fun place according to her. And she spreads smiles every where we take her.

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Buddy joined our family during COVID as a flea ridden puppy. From the very start, his unconditional love and companionship helped our family through those difficult months. As Buddy grew up, he continued to steal the hearts of everyone he has had the chance to meet. He attends work on a weekly basis as an unofficial “support dog” (aka “fluffy distraction”) at EMBREY. Buddy likes to chase leaves and he enjoys sitting on the landing of the stairs to watch cars go by. When people inquire about his breed, we are proud to say he is a rescue as a way to demonstrate the power of helping homeless and unwanted animals in San Antonio. Buddy is our second SNIPSA dog, he joined his sister Snow, to complete our family. We are forever grateful to give back to such a wonderful organization!

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I feel that my dog Sergei should be crowned SNIPSA's face of the race because he is a very charming and charismatic dog. He loves everyone and is the kindest and most playful dog you can ever meet! You already know when you see his eyes that he will be the purest soul you will ever play with. He is the handsomest sweetest boy you will ever meet, he is the happiest!

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She comes from SNIPSA. Love her, she is loving funny and can nearly talk to you. Helps my husband squirrel hunting, spotting and retrieving. Never thought a little girl could do this.

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