Meet Your Face of the Race Superstars!

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Tinker Bell

Ok so mine is not a pup but a smiling, dancing chubby miniature horse. We call her Tink short for Tinker Bell. She gained some covid weight so we are starting couch to 5K together. She loves to make people happy I adopted her 2 1/2 years ago. The pictures I’m including are of her race attire. She loves pony tails and sweat bands .

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Lexi is a 5 month old Chihuahua mix. It's easy to spot her personality. She loves soaking up in the Texas Sun and when it's time for treats she turns into a jumping jelly bean! She is a true cuddle bug and loves to pose for pictures. Her Mama is a photographer, so they are best friends.

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Vera is a SNIPSA alum who has grown from a skinny, timid 14 pound puppy into a 60 pound wiggle butt. Her favorite things include play dates with animal and human friends, long walks in the park, sneaking into bed, destroying stuffed animals, and green beans. Vera makes a great Face of the Race because she is a terrific example of the amazing four legged family members that can be found in shelters and through rescue organizations. She’s been a foster sister for a weekend and welcomed him into our home. When we are out in public and people comment on how beautiful she is, we are sure to let them know that it’s because she’s a beautiful mix and a rescue!

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Henry was one of yours! He started off at 20 pounds, no hair, off the streets, with mange. He changed our lives and our hearts! Thank you for his loving spirit and saving his life!

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Theo is a SNIPSA rescue. He is also the sweetest guy you can imagine, he loves people, is curious, loving, and intuitive. Plus he is a real handsome fellow -- gets compliments all the time.

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Because Harvey has been the most AMAZING foster brother to all our Snipsa friends. He always welcomes in the newbies and shows them the ropes! He monitors the room and makes sure everyone is getting along. He's a giant nugget of love and our #1 top snuggler and we couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt him from Snipsa.

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Gingy came to us 3 years ago. She was just 4 weeks old at the time, and we had to hand feed her until her puppy teeth came in. Gingy is a sweet, fun-loving dog that has to be in the middle of everything going on in our house. This includes wrestling battles between our 7 year old daughter and our 2 year old son. Gingy deserves to be the Face of the Race because like so many others, her rough start in life had a happen ending with a family that loves her.

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Clover is the snuggliest, sweetest, and most expressive puppy! Everyone she meets falls in love with her instantly. She's also super photogenic in my unbiased opinion. Plus she was a SNIPSA puppy, so who better to represent the incredible forever best friends you can save & adopt through SNIPSA?

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Daisy was adopted from Snipsa. She is a doll and my wife's girl. Does not leave her side. Runs the house and keeps her brother in line.

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Yogi is the face of pandemic pups everywhere. He's handsome but naughty and sweet but mutt. We love this lil' dude to the moon thanks to SNIPSA ❤🐾❤

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Tyson is my pandemic pup that I adopted from SNIPSA in October 2020. He was one of five in his litter that came in at a few weeks old. He was 10 weeks old when I took him home & I'm not sure if I saved him or if he saved me. He is full of energy, a total clown & loves his two other fur brothers so much. He definitely keeps my on my toes!

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Toby himself is a SNIPSA rescue, and we just know he's model quality! He's a bit anxious, and when we first adopted him, he would ask for comfort by climbing on top of us and laying all 55 lbs of his body weight on us! But now he's come out of his shell, and what a spunky, smart dog he is! His favorite thing in the whole world? Training! Toby knows tons of tricks and commands because he wants nothing more than to spend time learning something new (and getting lots of treats in the process....). His big ol' smile wins him friends everywhere he goes!

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Although he is quite shy and timid, he shows that a dogs love for life can be both silent and impactful. He stops and smells the plants, love's to jump as high as possible when excited, enjoys staring at me as I drive, gives me hugs and kisses when I put on my shoe's, and loves to run at full speed when given the chance. While he may have major PTSD and be a little scrappy mutt, he is also a survivor and a winner in life. He represents every rescue transformed by a loving home. All in one big eared, doey eyed package.

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We adopted Hank from SNIPSA back in November. He has brought so much joy to our family. Hank loves playing fetch and going for walks. He gives the BEST cuddles! I will probably have to replace every rug and piece of furniture, shoes and hats in my house within the next two years because he eats everything!! But he is soo worth it! Hank is the best of the best and so loved.

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I adopted Beauty from SNIPSA in October 2020. She had been returned to Snipsa by her previous family. I had just lost my beloved bulldog and was broken hearted. I saw Beauty's face on the SNIPSA website and I knew we were a perfect match! She is loved by everyone in my life.

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Rigatoni (Riggs) is the smartest little pup I've ever met. He can balance toys and treats on his head and play hide and seek. He's also a crazy mix of soooo many different dogs and everyone who sees him stops us to ask what kind of dog he is. We couldn't have ever imagined we would have been able to adopt such a perfect little pooch.

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Benny is definitely royalty in our house! Anyone who sees him or meets him it's instantly smitten by his charm and good looks! His infectious smile and personality makes him a winner in our eyes! We just want to share him and his joyful spirit with the world!

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Jean is a 4-year old border collie mix that I adopted from SNIPSA in 2017. She has a very expressive face for dog and is constantly by my side. She is very shy but as she opens up to you you begin to realize how sweet and silly she is. She has provided me companionship in times when I have needed it the most, and makes me feel better when I'm having a bad day due to my autoimmune disorders such as arthritis. I got her when I was 15, and I hope to have her by my side well into my thirties. Jean made our home feel less empty, and warmed our hearts. I would just love everybody to see how sweet and beautiful my furry best friend is.

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Abby is a SNIPSATX gal. Adopted five years ago and lives in New Mexico,now. She is a total love bug.

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Lacy has a smile for everyone! She was a rescue from SNIPSA over a year ago, she came to us with little hair but has now grown luscious locks and a spunky sweet attitude. She would be honored to represent SNIPSA on any runway or raceway!

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Cashew is a rescue from a hoarding situation. He came to us with severe anxiety and depression. For weeks and months it seemed like he may never have the happy life we wanted for him. However, he has turned into the sweetest, most loving, and even playful little guy. He loves his mom, his toys, and his baby brother. He plays in the backyard and zooms all over the place when he is excited. He is a perfect example of how love can transform and dogs life.

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Best little face, cute underbite and runs supper fast love toys especially if they squeak and loves to pull on ropes

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Im writing this for my Mom Rosemary who met Roxie as a small puppy at a foster home (Grace Beauchamp). It was absolutely love at first site snd even though she wasn't looking for a new dog she couldn't leave without adopting Roxie the next day! Mom lives by herself out on our ranch and Roxie is such a joy to her! We all love her. She is the sweetest little girl and takes care of Mom as much as Mom takes care of her.

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Rufus is a wire-haired terrier mix. He will be 14 yrs this September. He was found in a trash in Austin when he was just 4 weeks old. He was malnourished and hairless. He got weekly medicated baths until his hair grew in. I bottle fed him for a couple of weeks before transitioning him to puppy food. Rufus walked the SNIPSA’s 12th Race for the Rescues and had so much fun. Of course he’s my sweet old man and I think he’d be great pup to represent all the other rescued pets and be the face of the race!

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Kamila Spice

Kamila Spice, or lovingly known by many as Kami, was adopted from SNIPSA 8 years ago as a 3 month old puppy. Since then she has been on many adventures, such as visiting different states throughout the US and accumulating over 1,000 followers on her instagram account @kami.spice . Kami would be an amazing SNIPSA's Face of the Race because she is a fun loving pup who's life was saved from a life on the streets by SNIPSA's hard working volunteers. Kami has not met a ball she has not fallen in love with. Even as she climbs in years, her playful, puppy-like personality shines through as she could continually chase a ball in the yard or in the house all day long. When Kami does let the ball have a break, Kami enjoys playing with other dog's, including her fellow rescue sister, Rylie, or she can be seen napping in the sun. Kami is definitely a people's pup as she does not like being away from her favorite humans.

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We adopted Vader from SNIPSA - formerly known as Eddie. He is the most sweetest boy and it helps that he is kinda cute too! When we adopted him we had no idea how much love would come from it. He is the true definition of loyal. We saved him but he also saved us.

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Bexar should be crowned Face of the Race because he has the kindest heart and patience for my fosters. He is even an advocate to his fellow cat friends. In his spare time he likes watching true crime documentaries with his mom and going on long hikes.

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Luther is a sweetheart we adopted in October 2021 fr Snipsa. He has done a wonderful job of being a best friend to our dog Tippy. Tippy lost her sister early 2020 and was inconsolable until we brought this handsome dog home.

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Dumped on the edge of a game reserve shortly after weaning puppies, Abigail was found by my mother. The neighbors had been feeding her large breed dog food and frozen chicken nuggets. I took her in thinking I would get her fixed, and find a rescue when she recovered. She stole my heart, and never left. That was seven years ago, and Abigail has been pure sweetness since I've known her. She loves everyone, and has helped take protective and motherly care of sick or injured animals that have come through our lives. She is a precious girl, and I am so blessed to have her in my family.

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We adopted Marge in 2019 from Snipsa. She has been the most wonderful addition to our family. Everyone who meets her loves her, and she loves them right back! She would be a great Face of the Race because she is a living example of a scruffy unwanted street dog growing into a beautiful and beloved family member.

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From SNIPSA to our couch, Gypsie stole our hearts from that first glance. Her snaggle tooth and sweet demeanor are loved by all!

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Alexander Hamilton

Our golden boy is so handsome and full of love. He's very photogenic and has been such a blessing to our family. He will be a great face for SNIPSA as he's is always smiling and ready for his close up.

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Our Coco is a gem of a pup. We got her in January from SNIPSA, right in the middle of the pandemic and immediately, she brought a bit more brightness to our lives. Our older dog, Whitney (also a rescue) has become more puppish and playful with her new partner in crime. It's been fun to watch them play and become besties. Super loving and energetic, we love our sweet Coco bean!

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Hughes is as handsome as it comes! He's a spunky pup with a charming grin, stocky muscular bod, and a smart mind too! His background is unknown besides that he was dumped on the side of a road in Oklahoma, picked up by the pound, and then before his tag expired, a local non-profit picked him up. I was looking for a companion to join me on life's adventures and he fit the bill! I adopted him Jan 4th of this year and he is just turning 2. Hughes has since flown on a private jet (he has perks when his mom is a corporate pilot), we do for daily walks on the local trails in Fort Worth, he gets to play with his airport doggie & kitty friends at an airfield we manage, and is over all living a great life! I tell him every day how much he is loved. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and I am sure you all will too! He's furr-sure the optimal candidate to be the Face of the Race!

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Finn is the friendliest, happiest pup around. He's never met a stranger and he brings joy to everyone he encounters.

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We adopted Korra from SNIPSA just over a month ago. She loves people and would have the best time at the race. She is also very photogenic. She is so well behaved and fits in so well with the cats and baby:-)

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He is the biggest goofball. He's sweet, loving, and always ready to play.

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she's a great friendly lovable smart happy rescue dog who would represent S.A. perfectly .

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We fostered Tali as a new mom with 7 pups from Snipsa, we fell in love with her and wanted her back after the pups were adopted. She is pure love & joy and reminds us everyday of the amazing work that is being done at SNIPSA!

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SNIPSA saved Milo from a kill shelter last year when he was just a wee pup! Milo is a sensitive, energetic and curious guy with a never-ending enthusiasm for play. His mom is a Counselor and he joins her in the office, showing curiosity and bringing joy to the hearts of people seeking healing. He is paying it forward! Thank you SNIPSA, we are eternally grateful for you!

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Louie was rescued from SNIPSA in September 2020, he will be 1 on July 30th. He is a one of a kind character. He runs the neighborhood pack of dogs and they all run to his house to play!

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Bailey Josephina

Bailey Jo is a SNIPSA rescue. She is a sweet loving puppy, who is always looking for a belly rub!! She enjoys playing in the water and has no hesitation in jumping into your pool! Her favorite pastime is riding in the car with her fur blowing in the wind!!

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We adopted Hazel the end of February. Hazel was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia at her first doctors appointment as well as microoplthalmia. When we got her, we took her to the vet, and we also found that she had a heart murmur. Poor girl was going through a lot at such a young age! However, despite her deficits, she is thriving in our home with her big fluffy sister, Willow! Her silliness keeps us laughing and covered in the best of puppy kisses! She is such a perfect addition to our family! We could not love her more ♥️ ...

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I adopted my pup from SNIPSA following the freeze in San Antonio! She is such a loving and fun pup with a lot of energy. (and a little bit of attitude) I had been in touch with SNIPSA during my search for a pup to join my life and her litter had just recently been dropped off with their mom! We fell in love with Ginny as soon as we met her at the foster with all of her siblings. I think she's a great example of the love and happiness that comes from adoption!

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