For those who don’t remember Hopkin’s story when we first got him,he was roaming the streets for awhile and found himself in a spot of trouble. Poor Hopkins came upon a group of larger dogs and unfortunately, he was fighting a losing battle. Hopkins walked away from it with multiple puncture wounds and a fractured tibia. Little Hopkins made it through his surgery with flying colors. He had an implant placed in his shattered tibia and reconstruction of the ligaments. In addition to the fracture, poor guy had a pretty nasty open wound that had to be treated with antibiotics. After allllll that, Hopkins healed beautifully and even found his forever home that was more than willing to help Hopkins heal-changing his bandages and working with him consistently with the goal of making Hopkins a registered therapy dog-walking through hospitals and comforting children.

Now, almost a year later, Hopkins’ momma sent us this great update:

“I wanted to let you know Murphy (formerly Hopkins) passed his evaluation tonight and is officially a registered therapy dog now! All the evaluators tonight just went on and on about how much they loved him and his adorable personality and what a great therapy dog he is going to make. My intuition from the first picture and video I saw of him was right and everyone is in agreement! Thank you again for all you do and for letting me adopt this little guy 

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. Can’t wait to see the impact he has on the little ones in the hospital!


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