Husky/Retriever Mix, Puppy
Gender: Female
Weight (lbs):  12 lbs
Approx. DOB:  June 2020
Adoption Fee: $300


Adoption Application

About Me

Watch out or they’ll rob your heart! Bonnie and Clyde have personalities as large as Texas! As soon as they see you, their ears perk right up and their whole body wiggles with excitement. They’ll hop up on their hind legs trying as hard as they can to jump into your arms; and of course, you can’t help put scoop them right up! They’ll cover you in kisses and love on you as long as you let them. And nothing will make you laugh harder than seeing these husky mixes scurry across the room after a toy! If they aren’t tripping over themselves, they’re tripping over each other as they race to be the first pup there! Bonnie and Clyde will always keep you smiling! Fill out an application for Bonnie or Clyde today!



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