Hound/Terrier Mix, Puppy
Gender: Female
Weight (lbs):  13.8 lbs
Approx. DOB:  June 2020
Adoption Fee: $300


Adoption Application

About Me

In search of a playful pup? Look no further than Izzy! She always has a toy or a tail she is chasing! This sweet pup will follow you everywhere and will jump right into your lap as soon as you sit down. She is still growing into her legs so she tends to trip over them as she runs as fast as she can to play a game of tug o’ war and fetch! And once this rambunctious cutie wears herself out, she will fall asleep anywhere-on top of her toys, in your arms, in the bowl mid-bite. Izzy is still a young pup so she will need a lot of attention and patience as she learns her manners. Is a spunky puppy perfect for your family? Fill out an application today!



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