Great Pyrenees Mix, Young Adult
Gender: Male
Weight (lbs):  67 lbs
Approx. DOB:  Nov 2017
Adoption Fee: $300


Adoption Application

About Me

Rescued with a few other wandering big dogs from a rural area outside of San Antonio, Spiked Eggnog came to us a dirty mess. This Great Pyrenees was filthy with dried mud and some matted fur. A couple baths and brushing later, we finally started to see the beautiful Pyrenees he is. Along with his handsome looks, Spiked Eggnog is the sweetest gentle giant you’ve ever met. He seems to have never been in a home and is still learning that humans are trying to help him, not hurt him. So he is just beginning his newfound life of being part of a family and spends his days alongside his foster friends learning how amazing it is to be a pet. Spiked Eggnog is shy upon first meeting but after some belly rubs and head scratches, his tail is wagging and his head is buried into your chest. Though Pyrenees’ are large dogs, they actually do not require too much exercise and are happiest lounging around the house in the A/C. Some neighborhood walks or backyard time is really all they need. Because he is just getting used to being part a family, leash training is very new to him so he will need some practice. He does seem to have self house trained though as he has not an accident inside or in his crate. All Spiked Eggnog needs a is a little time and a lot of love. Fallen for this giant fluff? Fill out an application today!



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