Australian Shepherd/Retriever Mix, Young Adult
Gender: Male
Weight (lbs):  59 lbs
Approx. DOB:  May 2020
Adoption Fee: $250


Adoption Application

About Me

With a constant smile on his face, Vino melts hearts. Combine those looks with his fun-filled personality and you got yourself a real winner. When Vino isn’t romping around with his puppy pals, he’s playing with his toys. He loves toys so much, he doesn’t even need you to play with them-he’s content just sitting and chewing on them or flinging them up in the air and chasing after them. Vino is house trained, crate trained and walks great on a leash. Keep in mind that Vino is only about 7 months old so he does still have some growing to do so you can expect him to be a large dog. At 7 months old, he does have that young puppy energy so a home where he can be active is best. Vino can run miles with you in the morning and still play for hours with the other pups. Vino is eager to impress you so learning his manners and commands should come easily with this guy. Vino is a lot of fun and would make a great companion to tag along with on as many adventures as he can! Fallen for this happy-go-lucky guy? Fill out an application today!


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