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Okay okay…Money may not buy happiness, but it does buy dog food. And medicine. And spay/neuter surgeries. And well…you know the rest.

Being a non-profit organization, SNIPSA is always in need of donations from special people and businesses. Some choices for gifting money include a one-time donation, monthly donations, memorial donations, donations in honor of birthdays or special occasions, the list is endless.

When you donate to SNIPSA, you are saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats in San Antonio. Your gift goes directly toward giving them the best care possible before finding their permanent homes. It also serves the Alamo community through our free spay/neuter outreach. Talk about a win-win!

SNIPSA also welcomes Non-Monetary Donations. To view our wish list, click here.

Did You Know?


Provides vaccinations for a dog or cat


Provides vaccinations and a microchip for a dog or cat


Provides vaccinations and spay/neuter for a dog or cat


Provides heartworm treatment for one dog


Sponsors vaccinations, microchip and spay/neuter for 4 pets at our Big Fix


Provides orthopedic surgery for an injured dog or cat in our adoption program


Your donation to SNIPSA goes straight to work helping tens of thousands of animals right here in our community. Check out the options on how you can donate and make a difference!

If you wish to donate by mail, please send your donation to:

PO BOX 90325

Get Your SNIPSA Face Mask!

SNIPSA face masks available for purchase! Come by our office and snag our Face of the Race, Barney, face mask or our totally awesome tie dye SNIPSA mask! Masks have a filter insert as well as adjustable bands. Sizes come in small and large. Price: $15  


A big thank you from all of us at SNIPSA for supporting our life-saving efforts. Your donation will provide much needed medical care for dogs and cats in our adoption program as well as spay/neuter outreach for underserved areas of San Antonio. Please know how much we...

Tired As A Mother!

Housing and caring for a mother and her young is time consuming and requires great resources. First and foremost, recruiting a foster that is set up to care for an entire family is challenging. Puppies and kittens are fragile, more susceptible to disease, and can be...

Our Pacemaker Pup-Andy’s Story

Be sure to watch Andy's Story-a true rags to riches story-from roaming the streets of a rural town to becoming one lucky boy who received his very own pacemaker and was able to enjoy being part of family! Please continue to support animals like Andy by donating here....

Meet our Face of the Race!

Meet the winner of our Face of the Race...our very first spokesCAT of SNIPSA 13th annual Race for the Rescues! Barney raised a whopping $19,313! Way to go Barney! Thank you to all who have donated to our Face of the Race fundraiser. Together, we raised a...

The Wag!

See what's been going on with SNIPSA this summer here!

The Bionic Dog

When we think of hip replacements, we typically think of people. But dogs get hip replacements too. However, there is no insurance to cover the costs and we are left with hosting campaigns and raising funds. This is the case for Shelby, a young Great Pyrenees, that...

SNIPSA’s Got Talent!

We have a GREAT SECRET for you to be a part of during COVID times. Submit a photo of your beloved pet here and our team of creative artists will send you a rendering in return. We have students, hobby artists, architects, established artists, kids, dog and cat lovers...


You may be wondering: how long will it take for a rescue dog to adjust to your home? Change can be scary. Imagine the amount of change that a dog experiences after adoption. The feeling of unfamiliarity, adjusting to a new home with new rules and new faces, and...

Pet Portrait FUNdraiser

We'll be honest... we're a lot better at rescuing animals than we are at drawing them. Your donation of $25 will get you a one-of-a-kind drawing of your favorite fur ball. We have a talented creative team standing by to turn your pet into a masterpiece (or perhaps at...

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