When we think of hip replacements, we typically think of people. But dogs get hip replacements too. However, there is no insurance to cover the costs and we are left with hosting campaigns and raising funds.

This is the case for Shelby, a young Great Pyrenees, that was born with terrible hips. Upon rescuing her from a rural shelter, we noticed she hopped like a bunny and struggled to get around. So off to the specialists she went where x-rays were taken and she was diagnosed with advanced hip dysplasia.

The Cadillac treatment was bilateral titanium hips. Ouch… and pricy! It would be a long recovery with approximately 8 weeks of aftercare per hip and months of waiting between each surgery. Her foster was committed and onward we marched. Please consider donating to Shelby’s care and providing her with a new set of wheels.

View Shelby’s GofundMe and donate here


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