What's in a Fee?

What does an Adoption Fee Cover?

When you adopt a SNIPSA rescue, you are adopting an animal that is vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed/neutered, tested for infectious disease, and up to date on preventative care. We do our best to ensure the rescue is healthy and ready to join its adoptive family. Many of the animals SNIPSA receives in its adoption program suffer from more extensive illness and require additional care. Heartworms, broken bones, mange, trauma, nursing mothers, and simple neglect are just a few of the issues we encounter.  The adoption fee helps to offset a portion of the costs associated with getting each of our deserving rescues ready for its new home.

Spay & Neuter

All of our rescues are spayed and neutered by SNIPSA. The Spay & Neuter surgery is included in the adoption fee. The average cost of a spay/neuter surgery at a full service veterinary clinic ranges from $300-$500 depending on the size of the animal as well as their overall health. Our main initiative- spaying and neutering- helps to reduce animal overpopulation and continuing our goal of becoming a No-Kill community.

Exams and Vaccinations

All of our rescues receive a wellness exam, core vaccinations, a heartworm test (dogs) and a Feline Leukemia/FIV test (cats), fecal, and are micro-chipped upon entering our adoption program. They are also dewormed and given flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.

Vaccinations include:

DiHPP or DHLPP Vaccine (dogs)         

FVRCP Vaccine (cats)

Rabies Vaccine

*Vaccinations vary based on age

Food, Foster, & Comfort

The cost to feed a dog or cat for a month can range greatly based on the size or needs of the pet. For our rescues the cost to feed is around $40-$60 per month. This does not include special diets for dogs that may need weight loss, have food allergies, or specific digestive needs.

All of our rescues are placed in foster care immediately; this means that our rescues are already learning how to be part of a family and most begin working on house training and basic manners. We supply our fosters with anything our rescues may need – including kennels, toys, treats, bedding, and other necessities.

Mothers and Their Young

Housing and caring for a mother and her young is time consuming and requires great resources. First and foremost, recruiting a foster that is set up to care for an entire family is challenging. Puppies and kittens are fragile, more susceptible to disease, and can be messy, especially once mom is done cleaning up after them. Fast forward 8 weeks and that is a lot of hours and energy in foster care. Multiple vaccinations, deworming, bathing, treating unexpected ringworm/mange, spaying/neutering takes time. So consider the behind the scenes work involved in getting the finished product- your healthy four-legged companion- it’s not just magic.

Medical Cases

SNIPSA will not turn away a dog or cat based solely on medical needs. We consult with specialized veterinarians for orthopedic repairs and internists for complicated medicine cases. We pride ourselves in being a boutique rescue group that goes above and beyond, treating each and every rescue as if it was our very “own.”  If the pet requires more extensive (and expensive) medical care, the adoption fee will be higher than our average fee. For example, a rescue that requires heartworm treatment (which can cost upward of $1000) or one that needs surgery to repair a broken leg (upward of $2000) will have a slightly higher adoption fee. Our adoption fee DOES NOT cover the cost of the medical care, it simply helps offset a portion of the fees. We rely heavily on donations and fundraising to make up the difference.

Our Adopters are Part of the Solution!

We appreciate our adopters! Without you, there would be no rescue. Without you, San Antonio wouldn’t be on the map to reaching No-Kill. Just as hard as we work to get a rescue ready for its adoptive home, we need you to open the doors to your home and heart supporting our greater mission of saving lives. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner and choosing adoption over shopping.

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