Say what? What? We have another broken dog in SNIPSA’s care. This time it’s a sweet shepherd collie mix with six fractures… yes SIX fractures!!! Pandora named for Pandora’s box because in rescue we never know what lies on the other side of that email. If this sweet and broken dog wasn’t “tagged” (rescue agrees to take) by 10am she would be euthanized. We get it. That’s completely understandable. Most shelters are limited in diagnostics, resources, and the funding needed to manage dogs with severe injuries.

So we had that hard conversation – do we save her? How much would it cost? Who could pick her up and transport her to the specialty clinic? Was there a surgeon available to put her back together again over a Holiday weekend? How extensive were her injuries? Who would foster her? What if she turns out to be a “bad dog” after we fix her? What is her long- term prognosis ? Yes, these are all questions that run through our minds when getting ready to save a rescue dog.

So here we are. Pandora has a broken femur, tibia, radius, ulna and more. It will be pricey. It will be a longer road. And we need your help!! SNIPSA doesn’t save lives single handedly. Our supporters are an important part of that equation. Pandora’s medical care will cost upwards of $6,000. Big dollars we know. Thank you for considering! We have high hopes.


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