by Hayley Everts on June 27, 2024

Zig to the left, zig to the right, ziggy-zig all day and all night! That’s right, this sweet boy is speeding towards a new adventure!

Ziggy initially entered our program after being surrendered by his first owner. However, his charming looks and exceptionally good manners quickly landed him in a new home with a loving dad named Chuck.

Chuck had been searching for a hypoallergenic dog to share life’s joys with when he spotted this curly-headed cutie online. He placed an application, and it wasn’t long after meeting Ziggy that he determined they were a perfect match! Shortly after the adoption, we received this happy update from Chuck: “I wanted to reach out and provide an update on Ziggy! He’s been awesome since you re-homed him to me last fall.”

Chuck also shared an overview of Ziggy’s typical weekday:

– Inspect the backyard and water the trees and fence line.

– Car ride to daycare to play with friends while dad works.

-Come home and nap for an hour or so.

-Take dad for a walk around Pearl Springs. 

– Fall asleep while dad watches some boring game.

Talk about a joy-filled life! Ziggy is lucky to have a dad who fills his day and night with enrichment. During the weekend, Chuck and Ziggy like to visit Pearl Springs, hit the trails and indulge in treats at the Pearl Market. Chuck noted that one or two trips to the dog park are typically on the agenda, too. “He’s fairly agnostic towards smaller dogs; bigger dogs are his type, and he likes to tussle with them.” Chuck said. “And he LOVES fetch & tug!”

Chuck, an Air Force Officer, has now been stationed a few states away, and he’s brought Ziggy along for the ride! San Antonio will miss them both, but we are thrilled to hear of their exciting new opportunities.

Like zig and zag, it seems these two are quite the pair. We hope you continue to go from here to there–and explore everywhere! 😉