We’re dedicated to providing assistance to homeless and unwanted animals in San Antonio and the surrounding areas

Veterinarians and Caring Individuals

SNIPSA is an organization formed by a group of veterinarians and caring individuals dedicated to helping homeless and unwanted animals in San Antonio and the surrounding area. SNIPSA does not have a standing shelter and depends on a core group of volunteers to foster and rehabilitate animals in their homes. This provides us with the opportunity to learn first hand about the animal’s needs and behavior in order to facilitate an appropriate adoption. SNIPSA was incorporated in 2006 and has re-homed more than 20,000 animals.

The majority of the animals we help originate from high kill shelters. San Antonio impounds more than 27,000 animals a year, approximately 74 dogs and cats per day. Another 20,000 carcasses are picked up on city streets. SNIPSA makes weekly trips to area shelters to remove animals whose “time is up”. Many of these animals suffer from heartworm infection, fractures, mange, neglect, and have been used to breed year after year.

Necessary Medical Care

SNIPSA provides necessary medical care to get the rescues back on their feet again. This can often be a lengthy process of rehabilitation. We are committed to going the extra mile to ensure an animal’s health.

While we know we can’t adopt our way out of this problem, SNIPSA has set out to address the overpopulation problem in San Antonio too. By offering free spay/neuter services to underserved areas of this city, we’re able to target neighborhoods where we’ll have a definite impact. Several times a year, SNIPSA holds Big Fix clinics. These MASH style operations provide sterilization, vaccinations, and microchipping to over 500 cats and dogs in a single day.

Community Centers

Community centers are transformed into surgical suites, and countless veterinarians, staff, and volunteers come together to change our community. By preventing the birth of additional unwanted litters, we’re not only saving the city taxpayers thousands of dollars, but we’re providing our companion animals with a better life of health and wellness. SNIPSA has provided over 24,800 spay/neuter surgeries to date, and we’re not stopping!

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The Wag

Our spring edition of The Wag is hot off the press! This tail-waggin' newspaper features our top SNIPSA news stories, shoutouts, foster updates and more.

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Annual Report

2023 was a fantastic year for rescue! Click the link to take a peek at all we accomplished last year.

2023 Snapshot

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Bingo is all smiles 😁 after his new haircut! This fun-loving boy is still looking for his forever home after losing his owner in early November. Bingo would make the perfect exercise partner for someone out there. To learn more about his story, visit www.SNIPSA.org/Bingo.

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! ✂️ Registration is now OPEN for the Big Fix on Saturday, March 23rd. This free spay and neuter service is available for qualified ZIP Codes only. We have limited spots available, so please request an appointment while you can! 🐕‍🦺🧡🐈

*** Please note that an appointment request does not guarantee a spot at the Big Fix. Please await a response from our SNIPSA staff to confirm a potential appointment for your pet. ***

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Bottle baby update: Wendy has decided to be their surrogate mama! 😂🤰 While she has no milk to give, Wendy has been keeping them clean, warm and safe. She refuses to leave their side. Go Wendy, go! ❤️

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Helping hands needed!! 🙏 Who wants to spend an afternoon hugging on the cutest rescue puppies in San Antonio? We are looking for several strong volunteers to host a mini SNIPSA event this Sunday. For more information, please reach out to (210) 372-5995. 🧡

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Potato alert 🥔✨ Can you guess how many spuds are in our newest litter?

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Got a car, bike or two working legs?! 😏 Help us pass out our fiesta medal baskets around town this week! This is a great opportunity to knock out community service hours and help raise money for homeless animals. Please contact us at (210) 372-5995 to lend a hand! 🙌🎊

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It’s true… Sal has gotten a little spoiled 🙈💕 but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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