We’re dedicated to providing assistance to homeless and unwanted animals in San Antonio and the surrounding areas

Veterinarians and Caring Individuals

SNIPSA is an organization formed by a group of veterinarians and caring individuals dedicated to helping homeless and unwanted animals in San Antonio and the surrounding area. SNIPSA does not have a standing shelter and depends on a core group of volunteers to foster and rehabilitate animals in their homes. This provides us with the opportunity to learn first hand about the animal’s needs and behavior in order to facilitate an appropriate adoption. SNIPSA was incorporated in 2006 and has re-homed more than 19,000 animals.

The majority of the animals we help originate from high kill shelters. San Antonio impounds more than 27,000 animals a year, approximately 74 dogs and cats per day. Another 20,000 carcasses are picked up on city streets. SNIPSA makes weekly trips to area shelters to remove animals whose “time is up”. Many of these animals suffer from heartworm infection, fractures, mange, neglect, and have been used to breed year after year.

Necessary Medical Care

SNIPSA provides necessary medical care to get the rescues back on their feet again. This can often be a lengthy process of rehabilitation. We are committed to going the extra mile to ensure an animal’s health.

While we know we can’t adopt our way out of this problem, SNIPSA has set out to address the overpopulation problem in San Antonio too. By offering free spay/neuter services to underserved areas of this city, we’re able to target neighborhoods where we’ll have a definite impact. Several times a year, SNIPSA holds Big Fix clinics. These MASH style operations provide sterilization, vaccinations, and microchipping to over 500 cats and dogs in a single day.

Community Centers

Community centers are transformed into surgical suites, and countless veterinarians, staff, and volunteers come together to change our community. By preventing the birth of additional unwanted litters, we’re not only saving the city taxpayers thousands of dollars, but we’re providing our companion animals with a better life of health and wellness. SNIPSA has provided over 22,000 spay/neuter surgeries to date, and we’re not stopping!

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2022 was a fantastic year for rescue! Click to read more about all of our SNIPSA happenings.

2022 Snapshot

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Vibrant, popular, versatile and memorable – That’s our Cranberry! 🌈😽 After several months at SNIPSA, she is still looking for a permanent home and we’re not sure why! She is truly the perfect kitty: Tolerant, docile, loving, peaceful, and just absolutely stunning to look at. In addition, she uses her litter box perfectly and promises to never shred your curtains! She is an uber chillaxed lady who is as happy roaming in your shadow as she is napping on the windowsill. 🐈 Cranberry’s easygoing personality mixes well with kids and other animals, too. She will let herself be picked up and carried without complaint, though she will definitely meow if she wants something. This beauty will make a superb companion to anyone. She’ll happily take on the role as your reading buddy, online shopping advisor, lap-based movie critic or even your office cat! 😜 Balance out your life with this fresh n’ fruity gal and apply to meet her!

✨ www.SNIPSA.org/cranberry ✨

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Saturday zoomies!!! Sly’s day looks a little like this: A game of chase followed by a hard nap, and then binge-watching Psych with his foster mom all night long. 🏃‍♂️🛌📺 What are your weekend plans?

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Thank you ALL so much for your hard toy donations! 💕🦴 We now have enough Nylabones and chewies to last us for quite some time. If you are still interested in donating to SNIPSA, please check out our Amazon wishlist through the link in our bio! We are also in need of BLEACH, ZIPLOCK BAGS, DOG CRATES and HAND SOAP at this time. Thanks again for always keeping our rescues in your hearts. ☺️

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Quick lil’ pupdate! 😇🫶 Alex, Dylan and Natalie are thriving after their tick treatment on Tuesday. All of their ticks have died and their skin is looking so much better already. These sisters will be adoptable in the near future, so keep an eye out! 👀

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BLECHH… Ticks are gnarly, nasty little bugs. 🤢😡 This puppy and her two sisters were found with these critters covering every inch of their tiny bodies. We are starting their recovery journey by bathing them, tweezing off the larger ticks and dosing them with Nexguard. Here’s to a tomorrow that doesn’t SUCK! 🤪

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There’s nothing like a hot cup of Jubilee to warm you up on a chilly day! 😄☕️ This adoptable doggo was named after one our favorite coffee spots, @jubileecoffeesa, which is just a short walk from the SNIPSA office. A few of our staff members are regulars here… So we drew a little inspiration! 🌞 Jubilee is an upbeat, well-mannered, five-year-old girl. She is believed to have once been someone’s pet as she can sit/shake, is wonderful on walks, and behaves perfectly indoors. 🐾 Learn more about this smiley pup at www.SNIPSA.org/Jubilee.

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YEEHAW!! You best get your dancing shoes on, because with me you’ll be root tootin’ and boot scootin’ all night long! 🤠

The name’s Rowdy, and I sure do love havin’ a good time. I came to SNIPSA from the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation a couple months ago, but I just haven’t found my person yet. Folks think us cowboys have no manners, but I promise I’ll treat you right. I am potty trained, crate trained, leash trained and a friend to every person I meet. Sometimes, another dog will look at me sideways and I’ll have somethin’ to say about it, but I’m all talk. Alongside my rugged good looks, I’ve got plenty of smarts up in my noggin’. I can sit, stay, and know how to mind my manners around the house. I also won’t chew your shoes, but I can’t help myself when it comes to chasin’ cats! Being a Red Heeler mix, I am a workin’ man who enjoys havin’ a job to do. I would love a family with an active lifestyle that can include me in all of their activities. From singin’ along to the radio to joinin’ in on car rides, I am the best right hand man around. If you’re lookin’ for a southern gentleman, I could be the partner for you! Apply to meet me today!🐾🤍

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He’s always getting into something… 🧐 What do you think Sal is up to this weekend? Comment below 👇

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