Volunteers are the
Heartbeat of SNIPSA

Why Volunteer?

Our SNIPSA volunteers dedicate their time giving to the animals in the community because they believe in what we do. Each year, we rescue over 1000 animals from dire situations off the streets and from local animal shelters. We spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip
1500 animals residing in low income areas of town that would otherwise continue to reproduce and contribute to San Antonio’s huge stray population. We do all of this because of YOU, our volunteers, and we can always use more hands on deck!

Volunteer Application
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Our adoption events are fast-paced
and fun! We need an average
of 10-20 volunteers per event.

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Canine Crew

We need help taking care of the dogs
at our office during the week! You’ll
help walk the dogs, clean out crates,
and set them up for their stay.

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General Support

We need help in our office during the
week! Our needs vary, so the ability
to “go with the flow” is required! This may
include organizing, cleaning, and filing.


Youth Volunteering &
Group Volunteer Programs

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Under 14 Years Old

We recognize that children under 14 years also want to be philanthropic and that not all parents may have the ability to volunteer with their children. As a result, we’ve created a few activities that kids can do at home or school to contribute to SNIPSA and earn volunteer hours.

Learn More
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Ages 14 - 15

We always want to be supportive of kids with a giving heart. We have a few volunteer opportunities for children, but ask that both the child and parent/legal guardian complete a volunteer profile. The parent or guardian must accompany the child at all times.

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Group Volunteer Program

Our group volunteering opportunities allow for corporate or organizational groups to assist with events for SNIPSA. Volunteer groups are typically groups of 10-15 people that volunteer for 2-hour shifts or longer. Volunteer groups operate on a first come, first serve basis, and fill up quickly.


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Meet our sweetest intake Hope! Not always hip to be thin. This precious needs to add a little weight to her bones.

#hopeforhope #savingstrays #needalittlemeatonmybones #separatedfrommyfoodbowl #snipsa

We have a couple of cold weather tips for you…
1. Put on your favorite sweater or jacket.🧥
2. Grab a snuggly pup to cuddle up with! 🐶

Fill out an application on our website today. 🧡

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A litter update from our 9 c-section puppies. Two weeks old and all thriving. Many thanks to our awesome staff and midwife team who devote most minutes of every day caring for these wonderful animals.

#savinglives #puppiesthriving #dogsofinstagram #snipsa #toocuteforwords

Special PSA - our little Namaste is rounding the corner and eating on his own… finally! Parvo hopefully in the rear view mirror for this guy. Still so skinny however.

#namaste #rescuedogsrecovering #savinglives #parvoisreal #snipsa #nursingcare

Namaste still hanging in there - all the care that goes into treating a parvo dog is quite remarkable. Just as we bathed and changed his bedding, his profuse diarrhea continues. He is holding down the small bit of gruel we fed him which is encouraging. More IV fluids, more drugs and antibiotics to protect his gut, and more time. Please vaccinate your pets - it is so important.
#namaste #rescuedogs #parvoisreal #savinglives #importanceofvaccination

Parvo = YUCK! Vomiting, diarrhea, and just plain old not feeling well. Please remember with owning a pet comes the responsibility of vaccinating your pet. “Namaste” is a teenager and still susceptible to this crummy virus. We are hopeful with time and a cocktail of drugs, he will be on the mend. But for now, he has seen brighter days. Please consider donating to his care by clicking the Linktree in our bio.

Thank you!!

#parvoiscrummy #sickdogs #rescuedogs #vaccinateyourpets #snipsa #savinglives

What are you doing on a Friday evening - we at SNIPSA are delivering puppies via emergency C-section!
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Only YOU can prevent contamination! (no wait...that's Smokey the Bear...) Regardless, we could really use the help! Puppy kisses included! ...

This may be the biggest surprise we've ever had!

Turns out that our senior girl Violetta was PREGNANT at 10 years young! Her wonderful and vigilant foster noticed something seemed a little "off" and it turns out she had two little buns in the oven! Thankfully she was able to birth both puppies naturally and momma and babies are all doing wonderfully. What a way to kick off 2022!

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