Coming March 23rd

Registration for the Big Fix is CLOSED. If you have submitted an appointment request, please await a response from a SNIPSA representative to confirm your spot.

Location: Port San Antonio at 202 Red Horse Dr. 78226

Qualifying Zip Codes

The Big Fix package includes spay/neuter, DHPP/FVRCP and Rabies vaccines (if age appropriate) and microchipping for the qualifying zip codes below. While these services are free during our Big Fix Clinic, donations are appreciated.

78201 | 78202 | 78203 | 78204 | 78207 | 78208 | 78210 | 78211 | 78213 | 78214 | 78218 | 78219 | 78220 | 78221 | 78222 | 78223 | 78224 | 78225 | 78226 | 78227 | 78228 | 78229 | 78235 | 78237 | 78238 | 78242

*Qualifying zip codes are at the discretion of San Antonio Animal Care Services. An appointment request DOES NOT GUARANTEE a spot at The Big Fix. Please await a response from our SNIPSA staff to confirm a potential appointment.

What is it?

SNIPSA launched its Big Fix clinics in May 2009. With a significant number of animals being euthanized every day in the San Antonio area, we knew there had to be a better way. How could we target the pet-owning population and bring spay/neuter to one’s doorstep? We found that people were generally receptive to doing the “right thing”; we just needed to make it convenient and doable. Providing this service for FREE was also important to remove any barriers that might dissuade a pet owner from having his pet spayed/neutered. The more sterilized pets in our city, the less entering the doors of our shelters. It was simple.


Furthering Our Cause

SNIPSA depends on grants and private donations to host its Big Fix clinics. Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust, City of San Antonio ACS, and the San Antonio Area Foundation have been critical in helping SNIPSA purchase medical equipment and necessary supplies for our MASH style operations. However, their support is not inclusive in keeping our Big Fix clinics running.

We are also indebted to the hundreds of volunteers and countless veterinary staff that spend hour upon hour ensuring each clinic is a success.

Additionally, we appreciate all the support we have received from our local community. Your donations are driving the change in San Antonio as we march onward as a No-Kill city. We send a huge THANK YOU to our 2023 sponsors, H-E-B and San Antonio ACS, who helped us spay, neuter, microchip and vaccinate 850+ animals. Thanks to these collective efforts, we’ve stopped hundreds of unwanted litters from being born into our homes, streets and city shelters.

Big Fixin' Into 2024

To-date we have sterilized about 24,800 cats and dogs at SNIPSA. What started as spaying and neutering just over 100 animals at our first Big Fix has evolved into sterilizing 520+ in one long but amazing event.

It costs roughly $52,000 to host a Big Fix. It is well worth the investment when you consider it costs taxpayers upwards of $350 to impound, house, and ultimately euthanize a single animal at our city shelter. SNIPSA has definitely tapped into a well-received yet under-utilized service for animals in our community.



November 2023 Big Fix

Take a peek at our photo gallery to get a bird’s eye view into SNIPSA’s work. It is truly an amazing gathering of like-minded individuals giving their 100% to save homeless animals!

Photos by Dan Rosales, Marcos Pena and Shannon Espy

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Bingo is all smiles 😁 after his new haircut! This fun-loving boy is still looking for his forever home after losing his owner in early November. Bingo would make the perfect exercise partner for someone out there. To learn more about his story, visit

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! ✂️ Registration is now OPEN for the Big Fix on Saturday, March 23rd. This free spay and neuter service is available for qualified ZIP Codes only. We have limited spots available, so please request an appointment while you can! 🐕‍🦺🧡🐈

*** Please note that an appointment request does not guarantee a spot at the Big Fix. Please await a response from our SNIPSA staff to confirm a potential appointment for your pet. ***

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Bottle baby update: Wendy has decided to be their surrogate mama! 😂🤰 While she has no milk to give, Wendy has been keeping them clean, warm and safe. She refuses to leave their side. Go Wendy, go! ❤️

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Helping hands needed!! 🙏 Who wants to spend an afternoon hugging on the cutest rescue puppies in San Antonio? We are looking for several strong volunteers to host a mini SNIPSA event this Sunday. For more information, please reach out to (210) 372-5995. 🧡

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Potato alert 🥔✨ Can you guess how many spuds are in our newest litter?

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Got a car, bike or two working legs?! 😏 Help us pass out our fiesta medal baskets around town this week! This is a great opportunity to knock out community service hours and help raise money for homeless animals. Please contact us at (210) 372-5995 to lend a hand! 🙌🎊

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It’s true… Sal has gotten a little spoiled 🙈💕 but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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