The Big Fix

Removing barriers for pet owners

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What is it?

SNIPSA launched its Big Fix clinics in May 2009. With more than 100 animals being euthanized every day in San Antonio, we knew there had to be a better way. How could we target the pet-owning population and bring spay/neuter to one’s doorstep? We found that people were generally receptive to doing the “right thing”; we just needed to make it convenient and doable. Providing this service for FREE was also important to remove any barriers that might dissuade a pet owner from having his pet spayed/neutered. The more sterilized pets in our city, the less entering the doors of our shelters. It was simple.

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Furthering Our Cause

SNIPSA depends on grants and private donations to host its Big Fix clinics. PetSmart Charities and The San Antonio Area Foundation have been critical in helping SNIPSA purchase medical equipment and necessary supplies for our MASH style operations. However, their support is not inclusive in keeping our Big Fix clinics running.

We appreciate all the support we’ve received from our local community. Your donations are driving the change in San Antonio and helping us continue onward to a No-Kill city.

Big Fixin’ Into 2021

SNIPSA kicked off the New Year with its 43rd Big Fix spaying and neutering 449 dogs and cats for the San Antonio community. Each time is different and we are faced with reorganizing our flow – where to separate the dogs from the cats, where to set up lunch, where to plug in our 6 autoclaves and 9 surgery lights, where to wash our surgery instruments, where to funnel the hundreds of pet owners standing in line, the logistics are endless.

This Big Fix was no different. We send a special thank you not only to the steadfast veterinarians, veterinary technicians, faithful volunteers, and staff but also to Harlandale ISD for partnering with SNIPSA to serve their neighborhoods. And a special thank you to the laundry leprechauns, lunch mamas, poop ferries, banner babes and beaus, City of San Antonio, and all the wonderful folks that stand behind our mission and make it possible. We CELEBRATE you for allowing SNIPSA to do its good works!

February 2020 Fix

Take a peek at our photo gallery to get a bird’s eye view into SNIPSA’s work. It was truly an amazing gathering of like minded individuals giving their 100% to save homeless animals!

Photos by Steven Wheeler, Eric Ramos, Aila Paxton, Michelle Sanchez, and Nathan Hitchcock

*Due to COVID-19 regulations, our Big Fixes have been temporarily suspended

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Come join the pack! SNIPSA is looking for a talented Outreach Coordinator to help support our mission in the community. If you are interested in making a difference in a fun and dynamic organization, we want to meet you! Linktree to job description in bio. Resumes must be submitted to for consideration. ...

Good Morning Sunshines...from all of our cute Chihuahua faces at SNIPSA.
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A little behind the scenes look at what it takes to get our puppy pictures 😂

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Watch Episode 1 - "CeCe's Cystotomy" on our new IGTV medical series.

We all take for granted being able to “pee” especially when you have a golf ball size crunchy stone in your bladder. Poor Cece was taken into our adoption program only to discover she was urinating blood, and lots of it. An ultrasound revealed a large bladder stone - so she was placed on antibiotics and scheduled for surgery. She is finally on the road to recovery but it will take months for her bladder to “quiet” down. We would appreciate any dollars you can send her way to help with the unforeseen medical expenses! Donation Linktree in bio!

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Got a couple of new intakes. Just a few more pups to go!


We have some amazing friends in need of help! Please let us know if you are willing or able!

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Bring your pup for a day of fun on the SA river! This Saturday, July 24th from 8-11am enjoy kayaking and complimentary water and treats with your best furry friend. Linktree in bio!

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Mark your calendars for July 24th!! SNIPSA is very excited to be teaming up with @txrivercompany for a day of fun in the sun with your favorite furry friend! Bring your pup for a rowing adventure on the San Antonio River and enjoy some complimentary pooch smooches from a few of our own! Water and treats for you and your pup will be provided. Linktree to event and booking in bio!

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#summer #rowing #kayaking #fun #nonprofit

Pooped after a long day of looking for a family! Huge thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and fosters, and to everyone who came out! We'll see you all again next month 🐾

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