Thumb through these super special updates about our adopted rescues!

Doodle Draws a New Life

Doodle's tale is truly what rescue is all about. Her story will surely touch your heart (and maybe make you cry)!


Lahna Finds Love at Last

After 210 days at SNIPSA, Lahna found her special person. Click to read about this beloved girl's journey.


Tara and Phil's Playdate!

Reunited and it feels so good! These two littermates met up after a year and had an adventurous afternoon!

Tara and Phil

Jack Sparrow, the Lucky Pirate

After facing some trouble on the open sea, Jack has found the treasure he has always been looking for! Click the link to learn more.

Jack Sparrow

Tumbleweed Rolls into Rescue!

From matted mutt to luxurious love bug, click the link to read Tumbleweed's, now Molly's, full story!

Molly (Tumbleweed)

PB Pattie Purrs On

PB Pattie is living it up!!! She took a bite of rescue life and decided she prefers that over the streets. Learn more about this tasty gal's tale!

PB Pattie

Casey's Chance at Love!

Casey, a 16-year-old success story, continues to bring joy to her parents' life. Click the link to learn about Casey's story after adoption.

Casey (Chantel)

Big Brother Bexar!

Bexar has grown up to be the perfect big brother! Clink the link to learn more about his forever family.

Bexar (Joel)

Gonzo's Grand Road Trip!

Gonzo has charmed his way into the hearts of many around the country! Click the link to learn more about his travels.


Rusty Rocks on to a New Family!

Previously known as Staccato, this Chihuahua mix sure has a "voice" on him! Click the link to read more about Rusty's story.


Lilou's Second Chance!

Starving, pregnant and abandoned, Lilou was looking for love. Learn more about her story and a new chance at life!


Honey Is as Sweet as She Sounds!

A special adopter stopped to smell the flowers and found a new best friend for life! Click the link to read more about Honey's story.


Rescue Tails Archive

Budro (Waltz)

Would you let a senior citizen waltz into your life? Well, Budro’s new family certainly did. Originally known as “Waltz” in the SNIPSA program, Budro was given his second chance…


Forty-five (45) days in “jail” and Hondo has finally found his forever people!!! There were inquiries, applications and even trials that didn’t pan out, but this special family saw his…

Rema (Remodel)

If you’re looking for a real tear jerker, then Remodel’s story will surely deliver. Receiving a call from Animal Care Services that a dog with our very own SNIPSA microchip…

Annie (Judy)

Today, we come to you with this awesome Rescue Tail about one of our recent rescues, Annie! This hefty pup originally came to us from Animal Care Services in San Antonio….

Pumpkin Spice (Neptune)

For this rescue tail, we are looking at our sweet cutie, Pumpkin Spice! Pumpkin Spice came to us just in time for Thanksgiving and now he’s living his best life…

The “Salad” Litter

Crouton (Otis) From Nick, crouton’s dad: “He is doing GREAT. From the looks of it, he is much smaller than the other pups. He loves water and play (but not…