Thumb through these super special updates about our adopted rescues!

Hondo Hikes to a New Life!

For today's Rescue Tail, we bring you a feel-good edition about Hondo; A pup that was in our program for 45 days! Now, he's the found the family of his dreams and spends his time hiking, cuddling and being a good boy. Take a look at Hondo's journey.


Rema Proves What a Little TLC Can Do!

We are visiting with Remodel, now known as Rema, in this extra special Rescue Tail. This spunky gal was rescued just a day before her scheduled euthanasia. Read more to see her spectacular transformation!


Annie Is Living Her Best Life With Her Pack!

For today's Rescue Tail, we are visiting with Judy, now known as Annie. This large love bug came to SNIPSA from ACS and quickly discovered her forever family. She's got some wonderful humans now, and a brand new brother! Check out their adorable photos together.


Pumpkin Spice (Neptune) Heads Up to Austin!

Take a looksie at Pumpkin Spice... Pumpkin Spice came to us at the end of 2021 and now he’s livin' life in Austin, Texas. Read more about this spotted sweetheart!

Pumpkin Spice

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Forty-five (45) days in “jail” and Hondo has finally found his forever people!!! There were inquiries, applications and even trials that didn’t pan out, but this special family saw his…

Rema (Remodel)

If you’re looking for a real tear jerker, then Remodel’s story will surely deliver. Receiving a call from Animal Care Services that a dog with our very own SNIPSA microchip…

Annie (Judy)

Today, we come to you with this awesome Rescue Tail about one of our recent rescues, Annie! This hefty pup originally came to us from Animal Care Services in San Antonio….

Pumpkin Spice (Neptune)

For this rescue tail, we are looking at our sweet cutie, Pumpkin Spice! Pumpkin Spice came to us just in time for Thanksgiving and now he’s living his best life…

The “Salad” Litter

Crouton (Otis) From Nick, crouton’s dad: “He is doing GREAT. From the looks of it, he is much smaller than the other pups. He loves water and play (but not…