Archie & Maverick

by Hayley Everts on March 30, 2024

Over a decade ago, these two were dumped and diseased. Now, they are thriving and traveling. Archie and Maverick and their found parents crossed paths and haven’t parted since. This is one ‘trek’ of a rescue story- you won’t want to miss it.

On this segment of Rescue Tails, we are excited to feature two SNIPSA dogs who were adopted over decade ago. Archie (left) and Maverick (right) are not brothers by blood, but by circumstance! These two have spent almost the entirety of their lives together, but they were first rescued as tiny puppies.

Archie was born in captivity and raised by his mother in foster care. He and his littermates battled multiple life-threatening illnesses, but they were able to overcome them over the course of several weeks. When Archie was old enough to be adopted, he was spotted on our website and went to his new home in December of 2012. 

 Maverick, by contrast, was found with his siblings during a Texas freeze in January. It is assumed that this chilly crew was illegally dumped by their human owner. With no mom or person around to tend to them, these puppies were very lucky to have been discovered. After being accepted into the SNIPSA program and vetted by our team of animal lovers, it wasn’t long before they, too, found their people. Maverick was adopted a few weeks after his rescue in March of 2014.

Just like that, a family of three became a family of four!

Ten years later, SNIPSA received an email from Archie and Maverick’s dad, Robert. He wanted to provide a “pupdate” as well as extend his gratitude for our part in helping his fur family come together.

It warmed our hearts immensely to see these boys thriving in their home in Madison, WI. 

Since Maverick was adopted, he and Archie have been inseparable. On top of their strong bond, they’ve each played important roles in the lives of their pawrents.

Robert was excited to tell us about Archie’s job as a medical alert dog for his wife. As a puppy, Archie would lay with her when she was experiencing migraines from a traumatic head injury sustained in 2010. Once trained, he devoted himself to his mom’s care for seven years until he happily retired during COVID.

 Robert also had much to say about Maverick: “Since adopting him, we’ve lived in four states together. My girlfriend at the time (now wife), introduced me to SNIPSA because she rescued Archie from there. Maverick has been my best friend. He’s lived in four states with me, been on the field at a Major League Baseball game in Cincinnati, swam in Lake Michigan, attended my wedding, and is loved by everyone he meets.”

Now, Archie and Maverick are enjoying their senior years. They are starting to slow down a little, but enjoy daily walks along with the occasional adventure. “We often take them hiking in different Wisconsin state parks,” Robert said. “And we are taking them camping for their first time in June.”

We wish this adorable pack many more sunny (and snowy) days together!