Casey (Chantel)

by Hayley Everts on July 17, 2023

If you take a chance on a rescue, they may just change your life for the better. Casey, known as Chantel at SNIPSA, met her forever family 15 years ago. This wholesome pup-date is worth the read!

When Casey first came into the program, she was apprehensive and slow to trust. Our team suspected she had experienced some trauma and took longer to warm up to people. Casey’s adopters weren’t sure if she was the right fit for them at first, but after a night together, they knew she was theirs forever.

Since her adoption, Casey has fallen in love with the luxuries of pet life. In her younger years, she enjoyed playing fetch, swimming, and going for daily walks. Even as a senior, her love for daily walks continues on. “Like clockwork, she wakes up at six o’clock in the morning and barks to let us know she’s ready for her morning walk.” Her parents explained. Casey has become more relaxed with age and now enjoys other activities such as her post-walk naps and watching TV with her dads.

“She is the best thing that has come into our lives, and we have SNIPSA to thank.” Casey’s adopters expressed. “She is a very happy dog.” Casey recently celebrated her 16th birthday with her parents. With age, she has lost her hearing and her vision isn’t the greatest, but she is still the joyful dog her adopters took a chance on 15 years ago. 

Congratulations on your life of love, Casey. We hope your senior years continue to be amazing!