Meet Your Face of the Race Contestants!

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Introducing Lilith, the adorable rescue pug who's ready to conquer Face of the Race with her irresistible charm and wagging piggie tail! With her playful antics and heart-melting puppy eyes, Lilith is guaranteed to steal the show and win everyone's hearts. She's a true inspiration, showing us that love and resilience can overcome any obstacle. So go ahead, Lilith, strut your stuff and show the world what a superstar you are! Help us root for Lilith all the way to the top!

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Sruffie is a bundle of joy. He always greets humans and dogs with a curious smile and a wagging tail. He is a peacemaker at the dog park.

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Winston is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. We brought him into our home 4 years ago, and as two new dog parents we had no idea what to expect; but Winston paved the way. He's incredibly smart, super clever, VERY protective, and has a face and smile that'll make you melt! 

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He is a SNIPSA dog! Best dog we have ever had - has an affable personality and is not lacking in good looks. He is LARGE!

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Ruger is a rescue. He was dumped on the side of the road in a duffel bag. One day, my mom's old coworker went walking with her deaf and blind dog. While walking, her dog stopped by the duffel bag and began to bark like crazy. The lady went home and told her husband to come check out a duffel bag she found on the side of the road. They checked it out and found Ruger inside as a young puppy. He had bites on his back that looked like other dogs had bit him...

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Nolan The Underdog

Nolan has come a long way! She was found on Nolan Street in downtown San Antonio, knocking on heavens door, and after a blood transfusion from her foster sister and a lot of care, she began her journey towards healing and rehabilitation. Nolan, having been feral, went through lots of training to be where she is today. She's still a bit skittish and very aware of stranger danger, but now she loves playing with her foster friends, car rides with the window down, and going out for tacos. When she isn't busy scheming for world domination, she's dreaming up her next big adventure...

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Muffin is an 11 year old rescue that loves to run 5K's and hang out with her people. She is regularly with the ladies of Miss Chickpeas Bake Shop at markets around town and spreading cheer and joy everywhere she goes!

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Murphy is a goofy, high energy, and a gentle giant. He loves his little brother, Milo, a tabby cat rescued from SNIPSA. He is the life of the party at doggy day care and every dog park he goes to!

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Linus is the best of companions. I adopted him from SNIPSA in 2021, and from the moment I brought him home, he has been my shadow. Found on the streets of San Antonio, Linus's history is unknown, but his future is bright. He loves people and his low-rider look makes him popular with everyone. Linus would be a perfect face of the race as a pup who ended up on the streets through no fault of his own and has brightened my life every day he is around since his adoption. 

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We adopted Leonardo from SNIPSA two years ago and he has changed our lives and touched our hearts! We found out that he is 90% white German Shepherd and he is very fast! He’s also very handsome, perfect for the face of any event. He’s also the sweetest, charmiest boy in town! 💛

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Ashton is a 2 1/2 year old Rat Terrier I adopted from SNIPSA. He is incredibly smart, with a vocabulary of about 100 words. He loves his Beagle sister, and they both take care of each other. I think he would be a great FACE OF THE RACE because he is extremely fast, loves everyone he meets, human or animal, and he was adopted from SNIPSA. 

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Beso is a puro Snipsa rescue. He has a parrot mouth and was the ruby of his litter. He filled out to 100 pounds and is taller than his owner when he stands up. He is an absolute love and likes everyone. Best rescue ever! 

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I feel like he should be Face of the Race because he just has that iconic pug face, and everyone likes pugs!

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We adopted Norman through SNIPSA, and it was love at first slurp! He is a gentle giant who is all bark and no bite (seriously, you should hear his bark!). He loves playing with other dogs at daycare, chasing tennis balls, and snuggling with his family. He should be crowned SNIPSA's face of the race because, of course, his runner mama would be SO proud, but mostly because he is living proof of what SNIPSA can do for furry four-legged angels and the humans who love them! 

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Hulie is a precious rescue who brings joy and sweetness to each day. She, a young puppy abandoned and lost, appeared at our South Texas farm during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017 and changed our lives forever.

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Cauliflower (Cauli) is a 3 year old male Great Pyrenees/ Anatolian Shepherd. He is the biggest lap dog at 85lbs that is consistently being confused for a large Lab. He is one of the most chatty and charming pups. In the last year, he lost a hind leg after dealing with multiple knee joint infections. Despite 5 surgeries, Cauli continues to love people and dogs-running, jumping and being the life of the party.

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Sedona's unique ability to look at all activites, every encounter with new or familiar people, and even the most common objects in her life with wonderment makes her the most enjoyable acquaintance for anyone to meet. Her charismatic personality undeniably meets all that could be mundane with curiosity and all potential hostility with magnanimity. She has traveled to 37 of the 48 contiguous states allowing her to experience weather that ranges from below zero in blizzard conditions to the record breaking amount of consecutive triple-digit heat days we have here in south Texas. Our travels have tested her endurance to...

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Gordy represents what SNIPSA is all about! When he was surrendered to ACS he was so mangy that he had hardly any hair, with a collapsed eye, but a fighting spirit! SNIPSA rescued him and now he is a super spunky furball who loves life!!!

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Mr. Gatsby

The face of Mr. Gatsby alone will just bring a joyous smile to your face, no matter the circumstances! He is the sweetest, most playful, and most loving handsome little man. 

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Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy is a true HERO. We foster puppies. Our Darcy is always protecting puppies from any danger that there may be. The other day, he put his life on the line to protect 3 puppies that were outside on their bathroom break. Puppies were tiny and very young. They were only 6 weeks old. All of a sudden, Mr. Darcy jumped and killed a coral snake that was coming towards puppies on the grass. He brought me the coral snake in his mouth and waited for a reward from me. I was in shock! My brave dog saved the lives of those young puppies just as I saved his life a few months ago. He is our HERO!

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Amicus was adopted from Pets Alive! San Antonio in November of 2015. Since then, he has been a faithful companion and friend to me. He represents loyalty and friendship (his name literally means friend), and that is often what people are looking for when they adopt from a shelter. He has aged some, but the years have been priceless. He should be the Face of the Race because he represents the mission of shelters of giving one companionship. 

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Flounder has participated in the SNIPSA race for the last 3 years and is absolutely ready to lead the pack! He currently has 40,000 followers on TikTok and could definitely help raise money for all the puppers out there in SA who need homes. (@floundersworld). He is energetic, filled with personality and loves attention! 

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As a SNIPSA rescue herself, Paisley is the ideal candidate! She loves everyone, no matter your size, shape or species. She has attended many SNIPSA events, but now is her time to truly shine and nobody would be more excited than her for the opportunity!

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I truly believe that Odin is the most beautiful rescue ever, and he would look damn fine on a T-shirt! He's also super well-behaved, so he would do fabulous at the race!

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Kiwi is an OG-SNIPSA rescue! I adopted her when she was a puppy running around in my backyard, and we moved to NYC shortly after. She is a true rescue - she’s spunky, sassy, the most loyal companion, and my best friend. She is also SUPER cute and scruffy. She loves making new friends and is a member of our neighborhood dog walking group in NYC. She is even “travel size” and fits under the airplane seat. She needs a passport for the amount of places and states she has visited at this point. We are inseparable...

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Cali is a recent rescue from SNIPSA and has adapted to her new home, completely settled in. She is running in honor of Taz, who recently passed away. 

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Sebastian's spunky attitude keeps us on our toes! From snuggling under blankets to zooming around the backyard, he has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. He's a reminder of the incredible work SNIPSA does! 

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Nacho is a very sweet pooch. He behaves like a young child speaks a lot and has so many facial expressions, he uses talking buttons to speak his words! He's a very smart dog and protects his family and his furry friends. He has a pooch sister named Lola, has five adopted feline brothers and sisters, and also has two feral cat friends outside who adore him. 

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We adopted Chewie in 2014 from Snipsa. Chewie is the kindest and most loving canine there is. He is a fan of all animals and people. He truly represents SNIPSA and how an animal can change a family's life. 

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Finn spreads joy everywhere he goes! He seems to have a resting smile on his face! He is energetic and affectionate. He would be honored to represent the organization that helped him find his fur-ever home 💚

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Buck is a 2 year old dynamo who was adopted from SNIPSA in July of 2022. He loves going on long "sniff" walks and is the most photogenic handsomest good boy! 

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We found our Goose at a SNIPSA adoption event at Elsewhere in June 2023. While all the other puppies were running around, wagging, and playing, we saw a dog hiding under a picnic table by himself. He had been rescued by SNIPSA just days before. It was clear at first sight that he was underweight, depressed, and afraid. One look at those sad hound eyes, and we knew we were taking him home. We quickly learned that humans were very scary for him, but our other rescues, Sammi and Tucker, were a huge comfort to him...

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Enzo is a social butterfly. He loves to go in the car with us everywhere we go. When we are out and about, he always gets comments about his gorgeous eyes and his funny ears. He's obedient and overall cute pup! He was named Jack when he was at SNIPSA. Now, he's our Enzo!

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She is the best girl I know. She is cute, she says please, and she is always up for some fun time. Did I say she is the cutest? ♥️

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It is a very rare moment for Miss Raven to not have her tongue sticking out of her mouth. In the last 6 months, we have gotten to see her very silly side, zoomies side, the dreaded water loving side that leaves her sticky every week, and finally, her extremely sleepy side. For being almost a year old, she is a very tired girl... probably from bossing all her daycare friends around. Though the cat is not as appreciative, Raven is a fun, sweet girl who has added some much-needed energy to our household. 

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Nala is a Snipsa rescue, and all of her kitty fur siblings are Snipsa rescues too! She's a sweet, good girl who loves her walks every morning and never meets a stranger! She loves meeting new puppy friends and is kind and gentle. She would love the opportunity to raise money to help her Snipsa community because mom and dad said we are at full occupancy! 

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