Katy Hairy

by Emily on March 31, 2021

Today we come to you with this awesome Rescue Tail about one of our recent rescues, Katy Hairy! Katy Hairy (now Zoey) came to us from Karnes County Shelter in January of this year and everyone in our office just fell in love with her!

She’s now living her best life with her awesome new humans. Here’s an update from her mom, Brianna:
“Katy Hairy (now named Zoey) is doing extremely well and completes our family! She is the sweetest pup and immediately became best friends with our other dog, Jackie. They are always either playing or cuddled up together 😊 I’ve attached some pics of them (and a family portrait with my mom’s dog included). We are so in love with Zoey and can’t thank you enough for all of your help in finding our perfect pup! “



We wish you the most awesome life, Zoey! You have some awesome humans and a new best friend for life!