Rema (Remodel)

by Hayley Everts on January 2, 2023

If you’re looking for a real tear jerker, then Remodel’s story will surely deliver. Receiving a call from Animal Care Services that a dog with our very own SNIPSA microchip had found her way onto the euthanasia list was never one we wanted to receive. It turns out, Miss Remodel was actually spayed at a previous Big Fix which is how she wound up with a SNIPSA microchip. 

Being ten years old and suffering from mange which caused severe hair loss all over her body, it was clear that her chances were slim. So, we knew we had to step in. With less than a 24 hour notice of her euthanasia time, SNIPSA was still able to swoop in to take her into our program.

Upon her arrival, Remodel was quick to steal the hearts of everyone within the SNIPSA staff (except for the office cat, Sal). She was quite the spunky girl, who enjoyed her walks, toys and the company of other canines. She was also quickly given the name “Remodel”, because…well, she made one heck of a transformation! It was clear that with even just a little bit of TLC, Remodel began to thrive. Slowly, but surely, her hair started to grow back.

On September 23rd Remodel’s story was first shared to our Instagram via reel, where her future adopter, Deborah Thompson first saw her.

“I saw her video on September 23rd and was intrigued,” Thompson said. “Then the video posted on October 4th made my heart squeeze.”

Thompson said Remodel’s face and spunky trot made her swoon, though she was not sure that she was ready for another dog after her previous pup (another SNIPSA rescue) had passed away.

Thompson kept her eye on Remodel through SNIPSA’s website and social media. Her heart made yet another leap when Remodel was featured as SNIPSA’s pet of the week. Coincidentally, Thompson’s brother texted “This is the dog I want,” with Remodel’s picture attached.

“That was it. I had to meet this little Remodel,” Thompson said. “The rest is history.” 

Thompson described Remodel as spunky, curious and loving at the meet and greet and her trial visit over the weekend sealed the deal! 


Remodel’s name was changed to Rema, which she caught onto very quickly. Now, Rema spends her days walking, snacking on treats or lounging on one of her three new dog beds, the sofa, the chair, or any lap she can find! We wish Rema a long and happy life in her forever home!