Workplace Foster Program

How does the workplace foster program work?

Complete the Corporate Foster Application. Once we have your application on file, you will be added to our foster “call out” database. When we have a foster in need, we send a foster call out via email and text with pictures and details about available animals. Often, pets are able to go home that day, so it’s important to respond as soon as you can.

You will be provided with everything you need for your foster animal – food, bowls, crates, toys, puppy pads, etc. The benefit of the Workplace Foster Program is the ability of the foster to hang out and interact with employees during business hours.

Where does the foster go at night?

Employees can work together to decide where the foster resides at night. One employee may take one evening and another may want to keep a few nights. That’s the greatness of the program – it’s extremely flexible!

How long are pets in foster situations?

Each foster pet is different. We have known foster animals to be in a home for only a day, and there are also ones that have been in homes a month or more. The more you promote your pet and work with them to resolve any issues they might have, the quicker they will be adopted!

What are our responsibilities as a foster?

-Provide a safe, clean, caring environment
-Provide food, water, toys/enrichment and shelter
-Provide exercise and socialization as appropriate
-Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems
-Transport to/from any necessary appointments at our office
-Actively participate in marketing your dog
-Screen and meet with potential adopters; be responsive and courteous towards each -potential adopter
-Carefully read all documents and follow all instructions that SNIPSA provides

Does our workplace need to be located in San Antonio to foster?

So that foster animals are easily accessible, fosters must live within 40 minutes of SNIPSA’s office. They will need to receive medical care at our office, adoption events are held in San Antonio, and most of our adopters are local.

If employees have their own animals, can they still take the foster home at night?

Yes! However, keep in mind that it is important to introduce your animals to your foster pet slowly and appropriately. Additionally, it is important that your pet be up to date on vaccines and preventions as a lot of our animals are coming from a shelter environment and may never have had vaccines.

What supplies do we need to foster?

SNIPSA will provide any supplies that you need, including crates, food and water bowls, leashes, and collars.

Do we need to have prior medical knowledge or animal experience to foster?

No. Of course any previous experience will be of help, but it isn’t required. Keep in mind that you may be asked to dispense medicine to your foster pet so you will have to be comfortable following a veterinarian’s instructions.

Can we take our foster dog to an off-leash dog park for exercise and socialization?

No. Foster dogs must be on-leash whenever they are outside. The only exception is when they are in your backyard. While off-leash dog parks can be fun for some dogs, there are far too many unknowns for them to be a safe and healthy experience for a foster dog. Diseases are easily transmitted and the temperaments of visiting dogs are unknown.

Can we let our foster cat run outside?

No. We require that all foster cats be kept indoors for the duration of their stay in foster homes.

What does the adoption process look like?


All foster animals will be available for adoption on the website, and many external sites such at Petfinder. Please direct any potential adopter you may encounter to the SNIPSA website to complete an application. Once we have approved an application for your foster, a “meet-and-greet” will be arranged. This may be during work hours at your workplace or the SNIPSA office, or after hours at the home where the foster will be staying overnight. SNIPSA staff will review adoption process prior to the meeting.

In-house adopting

If you or one of your staff members has fallen in love with your foster, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Our foster animals tend to get adopted very quickly and we would not want you to miss out on the opportunity to welcome home a new family member!

Please contact our Foster Coordinator with any additional questions at

We look forward to working with you and value your time and commitment to the animals in our program. Without you we would not be able to save lives!