Budro (Waltz)

by Hayley Everts on March 31, 2023

Would you let a senior citizen waltz into your life? Well, Budro’s new family certainly did. Originally known as “Waltz” in the SNIPSA program, Budro was given his second chance at life at nine years of age. Due to the increasingly overwhelming numbers of strays flooding into Animal Care Services, SNIPSA had to move quickly to pull Budro into our program. 

Once in our program, Budro proved to be quite the charmer. Already leashed trained, potty trained, gentle and easygoing, he was destined to be someone’s new best friend.   

“Since I was a senior citizen, I knew I would look for senior dogs who probably were the last to be adopted,” said Joe Davis, Budro’s adopter. “An adult/senior dog usually shows up at shelters for the wrong reasons, and are too often the first to be deemed ‘unadoptable’ — but I can unequivocally state, at least for retirees like myself, they are the best life companions.”

Upon Budro’s arrival, he was greeted with six and a half inches of snow! Despite the drastic change in environment, Budro had no issues adjusting to his new home.

Davis said in just the few days Budro has been home, he has made friends with the two other dogs, accepted and seems to enjoy the general daily routine, anticipates his daily walk down the hill with excitement, and has made no complaints about the weather, the food, his sleeping arrangements — nothing. 

“He’s a good boy in all respects,” said Davis.

Davis said Budro now greets every day as one not to be wasted! 


Congratulations on your new home, Budro. We love you and we hope you enjoy your senior years as you should!