by Hayley Everts on February 29, 2024

We are so proud of how far our Doodle girl has come! Once in our program as a tiny puppy, Doodle was unfortunately found by Lytle Animal Care Services nine months after she was first adopted. After being held for several days without an owner stepping forward to claim her, there was no question that we would welcome her back into our program. Doodle was such a good girl upon her return that she was offered Residence at Kara’s K9 Retreat, a trusted doggy daycare in our area. She spent a month and a half there, playing with other dogs and living her best rescue life in a cage-free boarding environment. After long last, Doodle met her adopters for the first time at a SNIPSA adoption event in December 2023.

Doodle’s new mom and dad took her home and wasted no time in making her a part of their pack. She had a great Christmas and got to meet the whole family, including several kids and other dogs. She took a trip up to Houston and showed off her best car manners. Additionally, she started some light training and has been picking things up quickly over the last several months.

“Doodle is the sweetest cuddle bug ever.” Her dad raved in an email. “We are so impressed at how much she has come out of her shell and shown her silly side! She is the perfect dog for us…you can tell by how much she loves everyone that she was in great hands.” 


Doodle’s parents kept her foster name, but they changed her life. We are so grateful for those who choose to adopt and give dogs like Doodle a second chance. She is beyond loved in her new home and experiencing her journey has made us shed tears of joy. We hope her story touches your heart, too.