Tara and Phil’s Playdate

by Hayley Everts on October 11, 2023

Tara and Phil meet again! We are back with more on these two since being adopted- this is a reunion you will want to be a part of.

Tara and Phil, previously known as Pam and Dwight, had a great big reunion recently! These two puppers hadn’t seen each other since being adopted, but upon meeting, it was like a day hadn’t even passed. We remember when these two were small little things running around the office. It’s so good to see them both thriving in each other’s company!

According to Tara’s new family after having a DNA test done, this sweetie pie is an absolute supermutt! Now, these pups were not the breeds we were expecting. We can obviously see that they have some Chow Chow in them– 33% to be exact–but what we were not expecting was the 11% German Shepherd! How exciting! The silliest part about this pair is the 9% Chihuahua that they have. Who would have known?! With those big ears they’re sporting, maybe we should have guessed.

All of us here at SNIPSA are so happy to see that both Tara and Phil have found their perfect forever homes! And we hear exciting rumors that there might be a full litter playdate in the future…!