by Hayley Everts on January 19, 2024

This is the story of a dog and mom who were destined for one another. After an uncertain start, Lahna and her mom, Nicole, healed each other’s hearts, and this read is sure to heal yours too!

After two rounds at SNIPSA and a total of 210 days in foster care, our darling Lahna found her special person! This precious rescue first arrived to us in January of 2020 from Karnes County Humane Organization. She was adopted two months later but, sadly, got returned in 2023. At the time, Lahna was struggling with trusting new people and managing her energy. So, one of our devoted fosters took her in and spent just over five months offering Lahna the care, socialization and LOVE she needed to blossom into her true self.

Finally, on September third, someone stepped up to take Lahna home for good. Her adopter, Nicole, had initially seen her listing during the summer but was preparing for a move. Nicole thought Lahna would surely be claimed before she was able to go and meet her. Fate had a different answer, though. After the move, she opened the SNIPSA website and there was Lahna, waiting for her call!

Lahna was super shy with her new family at first, but it only took a few weeks for her to settle in. Now, she’s the “heart of her home,” and she’s even got her own routine! Every morning at 5 a.m., Lahna wakes up with Nicole for coffee and toy time. Then, she heads to the backyard for tag, fetch and squirrel chases with her sister, Penny. This fun morning is typically followed by a long nap while mom works from home. At 4 p.m., it’s time for walkies, dinner and finally, an episode or two of Bravo. If Nicole isn’t doing her nightly routine by 8 p.m., Lahna will promptly let her know it’s time for bed!

According to her mom, Lahna has truly been flourishing. She brings so much joy to her people’s lives. “Her smile will light up the whole room,” Nicole tells us. “Her cuddles and hugs are so healing. She is the most kind, fun and protective dog.”


Our favorite fluffy-tailed girl has found her happy ending, at long last. Lahna, we are so proud of how far you’ve come. Much love to you and your new pack!