by Hayley Everts on February 1, 2023

The only thing criminal about this guy is his charming good looks! No more bars for this guy… he’s found the perfect family to bail him out.


Forty-five (45) days in “jail” and Hondo has finally found his forever people!!! There were inquiries, applications and even trials that didn’t pan out, but this special family saw his true potential. Adopting a middle-aged rescue like Hondo has so many advantages: He’s beyond the puppy antics, housebroken, regal, kind and gentle. Shortly after his adoption on January 28th, 2022, his new mom (Emily) reported back to let us know how he was settling in.


Here’s what she had to say about her new family member:

“So far, he’s been a DREAM! He tolerated the long drive back to Austin, he’s slept through the night in his crate quiet as a mouse, he’s absolutely divine on the leash and in stores (already went on our first mini hike yesterday!), he’s been surprisingly okay with the neighborhood kids running through the house, and he’s even created a hesitant truce with my two cats. I mean, seriously, I could not have gotten a more perfect dog for our family. Thank you SO much for being patient with me as I ‘searched for the perfect pup.’ It’s been 18 months since my last dog passed away, and I was really nervous about bringing a dog into the family again after getting used to the relative ease of just having cats. But he’s been amazing, and even my dubious husband told me I “did good” with this guy. ;-)”

Below are some photos of their first few days together…

 Hondo, we are overjoyed to see you begin a new life with such a caring group of folks. Here’s to the start of an amazing adventure. Thank you, Gunn family, for offering this boy a second chance!