Bitch Please, An Advice Column

by snipsa21 on January 31, 2021

Dearest Readers,

Well, here we are again, closing out another year, although honestly, this one was a doozie. Congratulations, you now know what it feels like to age in dog years.

Sure, The Bitch could give you the standard pre-Thanksgiving spiel about not feeding your pet table scraps, but you already know that! Let’s take a few minutes to celebrate some happy pet stories from this year, so we can all try to remember, it wasn’t all bad!

A British man traveled 4,000 miles to get engaged to a woman from Chicago whom he met in the This Cat Is Chonky online group when she called him “cute” in the messages. #catpeople

A miniature horse named Monet has been delighting dementia patients at a nursing home this year. Therapy pets connect with people on a deep level that stirs long forgotten memories. Also, how can you help but smile when a three and a half foot tall horse walks into the room?! #whoagirl

In February after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi paid for the adoption fees of 109 shelter animals. #payitfurward

A Frenchwoman raised a calf alongside her dressage horse, and was surprised to find him picking up the same tricks. Now, at 1.3 tonnes he is quite the showstopper when the two travel around Europe attending horse shows. #moooveoverhorsey

Animal behavior experts in Budapest say pigs are as trainable as dogs and lean on humans in the same way canines do for support. The article skirted around the fact that pigs are also described as opportunistic carnivores. Draw your own conclusions there, but don’t trip while you’re in the pen. #somepig

And finally, a pizzeria in Amherst, NY partnered with a local SPCA to attach photos of adoptable dogs to the top of their pizza delivery boxes! #dominoscallus

Be safe. Wash your hands.

Don’t touch your face. Spay and Neuter your pets.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-The Bitch