Odin (Surf n’ Turf)

by Hayley Everts on May 21, 2024

Formerly known as Surf n’ Turf at SNIPSA, this pup ‘seas’ a new light. Now named Odin, this pup finally made it to shore and has nothing but blue skies ahead in his new home. Dive into this story of brave beginning and happy endings.

Odin comes from a funny litter, quite literally. He is one of four babies from the idiom litter: Surf n’ Turf, Odds n’ Ends, Turn n’ Burn and Bread n’ Butter. Originally from a squad of seven, these four babies came in with their momma, Shake n’ Bake, from San Antonio Care Services. Though he had a rocky start, Odin was adopted at a SNIPSA  adoption event- finding refuge in a forever home.

 He may be small, but this little man has made big progress. Recently, Odin’s new mom reported that he has completed puppy training classes. “Despite being the tiniest guy in there… he has a big dog mentality.” She said. ” He has no problem running right alongside the bigger puppies in class!” 

She goes on to tell us how brave he is. “He is one brave guy!” He has made great improvements in leash training and potty training!

When he is not training, Odin loves to go for rides in the car, indulge in treats, and play and play and play. 

Lucky for Odin, he has two new playmates and the best human parents to keep him happy!! 

Odin, aka Surf n’ Turf, has o-fish-ally found his forever home, and we could not be more proud!