202 SNIPSA Snapshot

by snipsa21 on January 31, 2021
2020 (twenty twenty) was a time of growth, surprises, reinventions and serving pets and people in a whole new light. Despite the odds, we managed to re-home more than 1500 homeless pets and spay and neuter over 2000 dogs and cats even with our Big Fix clinics being cancelled. There is always a silver lining and with the pandemic, more people welcomed rescues into their homes than ever before. Adopters had more time working from home to train and socialize a new pet plus they simply wanted the companionship. It can get a little isolating zooming all day without a buddy by your side.
So we thank you – our amazing adopters, donors, partners, and general animal lovers that helped us throughout the year. Whether dropping off a load of paper towels, newspaper, walking a few dogs or helping us clean the office- we appreciate you more than you know.