Goodbye Pandora

by snipsa21 on January 31, 2021

We all have those “lists” in our heads of incredible dogs. The ones that rank up there with movie stars, grandparents, special friends and children. They capture our hearts for unknown reasons. They play out in our memory for months after their passing. They forever remain on that list. Such is the case for our sweetest Pandora.

For those of you that don’t know her story, Pandora was struck by a car and lay in the shelter for days with a two broken limbs and a fractured back. She proceeded to undergo multiple surgeries to get her up and walking again. She was cared for by a team of amazing doctors, committed fosters, and ultimately adopted 6 months later by her superstar foster mom. She was served breakfast in bed, had her very own personal chefs, and borrowed countless neighborhood pools to undergo water therapy. We had multiple round table discussions about quality of life and each time, she proved us wrong. She was just that dog.

Unfortunately, malignant melanoma got the best of her and we finally had to bid farewell to our hero. Thank you Princess Pandy for teaching us to persevere, to believe in the body’s incredible ability to heal, and to continue to take a chance on broken dogs. We love you forever and always and are indebted to sweet Sarah for opening her home to this amazing dog.