by Hayley Everts on June 21, 2023

Outlandish, unconventional, extreme… Gonza is not your average rescue. This guy is full of joy and personality! Tune in to his journey of found love.

Talk about a Muppet of a dog! Gonzo came to SNIPSA from Animal Care Services in San Antonio. Despite his rough past, he quickly proved himself to be unlike other strays. With a good temperament and an affectionate personality, it’s no surprise this guy found his person with little effort. 

“Gonzo is such a happy dog!” Laura, Gonzo’s adopter, said. “He brings me joy and makes me laugh every single day.” Since his adoption, this pup has spent his life traveling the country with his forever family. From mountain hiking in Tennessee to a road trip all the way to Seattle, Gonzo has been finding new ways to beat the heat while staying active. 

When he’s in his hometown, Gonzo has become somewhat of a celebrity! His charm has led to a fan club amongst his dog sitters and trainers. Laura says that Gonzo can be selective about his dog friends, but has never met a human he has not loved. 

Congratulations on your new home, Gonzo. We know you will continue to dazzle each person you meet. We love you and we hope to always follow your journey!