Bexar (Joel)

by Hayley Everts on June 21, 2023

Love at first sight or always meant to be? This SNIPSA rescue’s story was nothing but fate!

Bexar, once known as Joel at SNIPSA, was only a puppy when he was adopted. Close as can be with his found family, Bexar is all grown up and living the good life!

“He is such an incredible dog.” Bexar’s adopter expressed. “So affectionate, gentle, patient and protective of our little kids.” Adopted into a family with an 8-month-old son, Bexar assimilated with ease and proved to be a gentle giant. Growing up together, this pup and his human sibling have grown extremely close and continue to give each other love and affection. 

“He has been one of our biggest blessings to our family.” Bexar’s adopter said. After searching over a year for the perfect dog for their family, Bexar’s adopter say that the universe placed him into their lives for a reason. A protector, cuddler and perfect pet, Bexar has found his forever family. They are just as grateful for him as Bexar is for them.  

Congratulations on your new home, Bexar. We love you and we know you must be the best big brother!