Jack Sparrow

by Hayley Everts on August 30, 2023

Nothing to ‘sea’ here… unless you’re looking to read about the best pup ever! Take a look at how Jack Sparrow’s life was turned around.

Having one eye never slowed this guy down! Jack Sparrow is a happy-go-lucky pup that entered the SNIPSA program in July 2022. After arriving to our office, it was discovered that Jack Sparrow had irreversible damage to his left eye, so in order to make the big guy a bit more comfortable, we removed it! With the loss of half his vision, Jack never stopped exhibiting his joyful attitude towards life. In fact, he seemed to perk up even more after losing the eye.

Soon after, this lucky Labrador was adopted and has since been blossoming in his forever home. His family reports that he is still as energetic and happy as ever. In fact, he attended a boot camp in December to work on his “90lb puppy manners.” We are so glad his new family was able to provide him with the love and support needed so he could become the best boy he could be.

According to Jack’s family, he still “remains quite the big goofball.” We would expect nothing less from this “big, loving, lug of a guy!”

In our opinion, Jack definitely sailed into the perfect port. He is still doing well with his forever family and spends his days taking long naps and getting all the attention he can get his paws on! Congratulations, Jack!