PB Pattie

by Hayley Everts on July 18, 2023

Fresh out of the oven, this story is a treat! You know what they say… a cookie a day keeps the doctors away.

This Girl Scout cookie was going door to door, but now she’s settled in with her forever family. PB Pattie came into the SNIPSA program with her three kittens. She spent her first few weeks caring for her babies and nursing them until they were healthy enough to be adopted. After her kittens found their forever homes, it was only a matter of time before PB did as well.

With all of her babies in loving homes, PB Pattie can relax and be a full-time cat rather than a full-time mama. Her adopter says “she loves to play with her toys, eat lots of treats, and get lots of love!” When she isn’t playing with her toys, she often finds her way into her people’s lap and lounges around. From cat naps to crunchy treats, PB is enjoying all the perks of pet life. 

“She’s been so loving and sweet to us.” Her adopter expressed. “We are so happy that we adopted from SNIPSA.” 


Congratulations on your forever home, PB Pattie. We hope your life continues to be filled with love and treats!